The History of the Band... as remembered through Jill's addled brain 13 years later.

The Evelyn Situation can only be described as indescribable.  I think we were a wackoid mix of pop, folk, and acoustic funk, with tight 3-part chick harmonies.  Our material was all original, and was mostly composed by Andrew, though we did a song or two by Paul.  All material was arranged by the folks that were in the band at the time. We were most known for our intricate and unusual harmonies and our insightful,honest lyrics. We kinda ran the gamut of styles-- we had evil, minor-key polkas, angry rants, tear-jerker or two and goofy songs about stupid bosses and coffee worship ("And when I die, please place my ashes in the urn..."). Either way, our songs quirkily embodied life experiences... at least the life experience of us (at the time) twenty-somethings.

To make a long story short, The Evelyn Situation is one of the many bands formed with me and Andrew Durkin in it. We've tried about 4 different incarnations of this band until it finally became what we wanted, and once it became what we wanted, Donna and Leo had to leave the group (it wasn't anything personal). Once we replaced Donna with Carolyn, the band played about 7 shows. The band is no more because of a million different reasons, such as moving to Korea, California and Arizona and finishing up college and getting a "real job."

All of the members of The Evelyn Situation have stayed friendly, aware of the fact that the vibe and sound of the band was unique and almost magical.  The general consensus is that we'd like to get back together for maybe a reuinion show (for giggles) but it's not real feasible since we're all scattered around the country.   In a perfect world, we'd all have enough money to move back to the east coast somewhere, find apartments and high-paying/low-committment jobs and figure out ways to make music again.

Since The Evelyn Situation's implosion in 1995, Andrew and I (with the help of some former-Evelyns and new musical pals) have completed some new stuff, under the name Jay's Booming Hat. Some material has the same Evelyn-flavor, while other pieces are experimental and freakin' awesome. Each song, however, has that special 4-track-made-in-your-basement feel to it, which is totally intentional.

But the big news has been that in 2000, Durkin formed a new band called The Industrial Jazz Group. Mostly an instrumental project, the band grew from a quintet to a nonet, dectet, and now a 15-tet (what's the word for that?) and now includes me (Jill!) as their singer. It is awesome. 2007 was a huge touring year for us, enjoying an east coast tour, a Pacific Northwest tour, a midwest tour, several California jaunts, and a trip overseas to play in The Hague Jazz Festival in The Netherlands. While overseas, we also played at The Bimhuis (Amsterdam), where we largely recorded our new album LEEF, due out in March 2008.

You can hear The Industrial Jazz Group (and even some Jay's Booming Hat stuff and a few retooled Evelyn tunes) by heading over to The Industrial Jazz Group wesbite.

Our new headquarters are in Andrew's ever-expanding home studio in Portland, Oregon, still called Ugly Rug Records after an ugly-ass rug he had in a condo in California. 

One of the other projects coming out of Ugly Rug Records has sent us scouring our closets for tapes of live Evelyn Situation performances, studio tapes and old rehearsal tapes, which we're compiling into a "time capsule" CD.  Here's what we have compiled so far, but it doesn't necessarily reflect the work we're most proud of. (It always seemed that one of us had a horrible cold whenever we had studio time booked, so the vocals never came out well. Or, we ran out of cash in the studio so we couldn't get decent mixes of these songs. Oh well. :-) We were broke.) Anyhoo, click here for MP3s of The Evelyn Situation, some Jay's Booming Hat, and other ancient secrets of the vaults.