01/04/05: lately listo

I'm exhausted right now, but I am trying to keep myself awake so I don't mess up my sleep schedule. I flew in on the red-eye this morning and went to work for a few hours before they sent me home because I looked like crap (thanks, and thanks!). I didn't want to go to sleep at 2 in the afternoon because I know I'd wake up at 2am and be all dicombobulated. So, I'm writing this to keep myself awake. And also because it has been an eternity since I've updated this poor neglected journal. I've also slowed down a teeny bit on the ol' LJ, too... dunno what's up with that. Mayhaps my fingers are tired from typing all day at work.

Anyway, here's some hot listo action for you; it's what I can muster right now.

  • Life has been very good to me lately, especially since returning to work in November. It's nice to have a paycheck again.

  • Stefan and Heather had a daughter, Tanith Queen Dollak. I can't believe they're parents! They're going to do a fantastic job, and I'm very excited to watch the evolution of both child and parent. It still blows my mind that my friends are grownups, which makes me a grownup, too. Very odd. :-)

  • Christmas was awesome, and was spent with my folks. I got the best gifts: gift certificates to Trader Joe's, Target and TJ Maxx (they're all used already), a squishy-warm hand-knit scarf from my favoritest cousin Dell, another fun blue woogity scarf from my other cousin Bev, and some girl-bath-spa-product-stuff.

  • I could spend hours screwing around with goofy "spa products." Give me bath gel, face masks, scrubby things, loofah mitts, massage oil...you name it. I love that stuff. The best gift for when you don't know what to get me: a gift certificate for a facial or a massage or something. Or a gift certificate to Ulta or Sephora. I just love that girlie stuff; I don't know where I got that gene, but I can't deny it.

  • I've been in San Francisco a lot lately, it seems. John and I haven't quite mastered the perfect every-other-week rotation so far, but hey, we're getting close to it though. I'm very proud of us.

  • Stop asking when he's coming here. I'm the one with the extra work-from-elsewhere deal built into my work contract. Besides, if you had the choice, would you rather be in San Francisco or Delaware?

  • Speaking of San Francisco: I just got back this morning from being out there for a week. I flew out there on 12/26 and John met me at the airport, as he was just flying in from visiting his fam in Texas. We had over a week together, and it rocked. Anyhoo, we played pinball every night; one night we went to three different places to sample the pinball. We've got an addiction, and it's a beautiful thing.

  • Speaking of beautiful things, John got me this amazing silver bracelet for Christmas. It rocks the house. He also picked me up some CDs by Pink Martini. Go listen to them; they're frikkin' wonderful. Last week I listened to the track "Veronique" on constant repeat for an entire rainy afternoon. Dreamy. :-)

  • I spent New Years Eve eating pudding in a bathtub with Soren, Kathryn and John. While it may sound saucy, it was entirely innocent in a talk.bizarre kind of way. Soren was back in town for a few days between his trip to Japan and his job in Montreal, and gifts and good times were shared. He bought me two pairs of Japanese Schoolgirl socks (thanks to John!) - one regular pair, and one "ADAMANT MIRACLE BOOT", which is 90cm of loose sock, yo. I'll tell you whut, they're comfy and warm... what more do I need? He also bought Kathryn a pink hamster suit and socks that say "BIG APPLE AMERICA" on them, and I'll be dipped if she doesn't look totally warm, cozy and cute in it. Go ahead, click the link. It's safe for work. :-)

  • I was offered some incredible theatrical opportunities recently, but I gracefully declined them. I don't want to be tied up in rehearsals while I'm trying to concentrate on John and the job.

  • My dad had his hip replaced and is doing great; he's probably going to get his other hip done in March.

  • My friend James asked me the other day if 2004 was a good year for me, like on a scale of one to ten. I wasn't sure how to answer a binary question with a number other than 1 or 0, so I punted with this response: "[On a scale of one to ten], this year rated pretty high, I'd have to say. If I'm taking my top ten years and ranking them, this year is near the top! Did shows that I love, was surrounded by amazing friends, ate at The Corner Bistro a lot, met a dreamy guy, was in The Wall twice, revived my role as The Plant in Little Shop, hung out with Joe a lot, hung out with my family a lot, went on the boat with my dad, went to Burning Man, lived in San Francisco, celebrated 10 years of bestfriendship with Mosk, quit my dumb job, had the summer off, ate a lot of thai food, experienced new music, started an LJ... a great year. While it had some lows, the lows were only brought about because the highs were so beautifully high."

  • After I posted a thing about missing Joe Pisano (an old high school friend), I looked in my web server logs and noticed that I get traffic every day from this one company in NJ, and they've been reading my llij.net blog since April or May of 2004. So I went to that company's website and lo and behold, it's Joe Pisano's company. That blew me away. Of course, this journal thing is now password protected, and I don't have his email address (and surely he doesn't know that I know he's reading my stuff), so I'm just gonna let it be. I mean, I don't really have anything to say to him anyway, and if he wanted to be in contact I'm certainly easy enough to reach.

  • Speaking of Joe Pisano: In my senior year of high school, my two close friends were Joe Pisano and Chris Trainor; they were inseparable. Funny how now one of my best friends in Delaware is Joe Trainor. Nutty.

  • I can't stop thinking about pinball.

  • I installed Firefox and got rid of IE for the most part. The transition was easy, though I hate not having my Google and my m-w.com toolbars. Oh well, ya make do.

  • I promised myself I would get to bed by midnight every night. Help me out. If you see me online after 11:30, yell at me to get to bed. On that note.. I'm hitting the hay.

    I'll try to update this more often.