01/07/04: Woohooo!

I love it when good things happen to good people! And today, ChrisTurner found out that he got the big job he'd been working so hard to land. So now (well, in a few weeks), ChrisTurner is the Senior Marketing Manager for the Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia. The Wilma freakin' theater!! Can you believe it?! I mean, this is major! He's got a budget, a staff, a beautiful work schedule, a job that uses his degree (what a concept), prestige, and above all, the opportunity to express himself creatively in a field he's passionate about. I'm really proud of him for finding the opportunity and grabbing it by the nards.

Mazel Tov!

We're taking him out to celebrate on Friday night for dinnah, drinkies and pool, so that'll be fun.

Speaking of theater, still no word on callbacks for Little Shop of Horrors. I hear they tend to drag their feet over there, so I'm not getting antsy quite yet. If I don't hear by Monday or Tuesday then I'll start wondering a bit.

And speaking of new jobs, I submitted my resume at two different places to see what's out there. One job is a help desk manager job that I know I could get with my eyes shut. The second position is a web content developer position that's also a project management thing. Both pay quite nicely (about 10-15K more than what I'm making now), but neither offer the phatty 5 weeks' vaca I get here. So I dunno if it makes more sense to take less money but have more relaxo time, or to take more money but not have the time to really enjoy it. Thoughts?

In other news entirely, Mark made his flight plans to come out here to visit, and I'm SO EXCITED I could hurl! We've got a lot on the ol' agenda, and I can't wait to hang out with him and show him around some more. The last time he was out here was June 2002, and we went to a Blue Rocks game, went to DC to hit the museums and to see They Might Be Giants in an outdoor concert (the heat and humidity were oppressive on both days-- thank god for lemon water ice!), played a lot of chess on his Palm Pilot, and stayed up all night yapping. So, this trip is gonna be in February, and our prime objective is to see Hilary Hahn at the Kimmel Center in Philly. I've also got Knappuccino's that weekend, so Mark will get to check that out as well. He'll get to meet and hang with my Delaware peepz, we'll hang with the Knapp Fam one night, we'll try to take Molly out for a day, we're gonna see Big Fish, and we might even take a quick road trip up to Quebec City or Montreal... we'll see what the weather does. Yay! Can't wait!

Then I imagine we'll eat at as many decadent yummy places time and cash will allow.

My God, how I love food.