01/08/04: Data, data, data

I've been doing a bit of self-analysis in light of this recent breakup thing, and in light of this other potential get back together thing. I figured the only way to really get an accurate picture of stuff is by using trusty ol' Excel.

Let's take a look at the data.

Note that this data is culled only from exclusive, monogamous relationships that exceeded 3 months in length; I count 12 total. The longest relationship lasted 7 years, and the shortest lasted three months; the average length is 16.9 months.   (It scares me, frankly, that I am old enough to have this many lengthy relationships, but that's another journal entry completely. :-) )

  • Sometimes multiple reasons for breaking up were given; for this chart, I list only the primary reason.

  • Sometimes the breakup was mutual; for this chart, I picked the unhappier of the two people and creditted them with the dumping.

  • The most common reason for me dumping someone was because I didn't respect them-- I didn't feel like they wore the pants. I need that.

  • The most common reason for me getting dumped was tied between being left for someone deemed better, or because the guy didn't feel like he could ever love me even though I was described as "the best he'd ever had" in every respect, across the board.

  • There are four Robs on this chart; this equals 1/3 of the guys I've taken seriously.

  • I have way too much time on my hands. :-)