01/13/04: Thanks, Calvin

Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes fame, once said, "Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around." Very true.

I didn't think my foul mood of yesterday was ever gonna lift, but I felt so much better this morning... to the point where I re-evaluated what originally triggered my bad mood and no longer found anything objectionable in it. (OK there, bi-polar freak!)

Last night I hung out with Matt-o-blatt, and instead of our typical Monday-night music making, we decided to hit Stanley's and have a drink or 17 and drown our sorrows in salads and grilled chicken. :-)

Here's what I learned:

  • Never feel guilty for what you feel; only feel guilty for what you've done.
  • "Afternoon Delight" is about a nooner.
  • Perspective is everything. If someone does something unpleasant to me, it's the world's biggest injustice. But when I do the exact same thing to someone else, it's of course totally justified and innocent, totally reasonable, forgiveable and understandable. Double-standard retard I am.
  • I always feel better after blathering on for an hour and then getting a good night's sleep.
  • The last few journal entries have been very angry and negative and whiny... atypical Jill. I don't like this Jill very much. It's time to put her back in her little box until something else rattles her again, which hopefully won't be for some time.
  • I am a terrible procrastinator.
  • Matt is a cherished friend, and I will crap my pants if I get cast as Audrey II and he gets cast as the puppeteer.

    In other news completely:

  • We're getting 5" of snow tomorrow afternoon/overnight, which should be just enough to cancel choir rehearsal and prevent me from doing laundry, but not prevent work from closing early or opening late on Thursday.
  • If you don't own a little room humidifier, go buy this one. My skin is magic, I have no static electricity issues in my apartment, my boogers are no longer dagger-like stalagmites, and my lungs are much happier in the morning.
  • Good god above, I need a haircut. Whoever told me to grow out my hair is a crack smoker. The only way I can survive with longer hair is if I curl it, and by cracky I'm not gonna spend my life in hot rollers, nor will I ruin myself with a perm. Yes, I will miss my antennae, but maybe Melissa can work some magic and figure out a way to let me keep 'em.
  • Property values are rising in Wilmington, and I fear soon I won't be able to afford a house, because everything under $200K is crap.
  • I ate an entire container of Trader Joe's fresh-packed mild salsa in one sitting tonight... took about 30 minutes.
  • My workplace sub-leases out some of the building's lower level to Blue Cross Blue Shield, and it has a customer service center. So every so often you'll see a retiree walking around the parking lot. This morning I was walking from the bowels of the farthest reaches of the Accenture property and I crossed paths with this elderly man who was ambling his way to his vehicle. He smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen when we passed, and he said, "Well! Good morning to you!" I wanted to stop and give him the biggest hug, but I didn't. He was adorable, and that made my whole day.
  • I caught 38 seconds of Most Extreme Challenge tonight, where they had a bunch of people running across this huge muddy lake... and in the lower corner they titled it "Crossing the Poo-tomac," and I've been chuckling about this all night. Maybe Jeremy's right. Maybe I am a poop freak. (bwa-ha-ha)

    OK, that's all I have to report.