01/14/04: don't even bother reading this today

Welp, apparently I still haven't learned the lesson of, "If you don't have anything worth saying, keep your mouth shut." So, here's the most pointless collection of random crap typed just for the sake of typing.

  • I realized last weekend that there is no greater compliment a woman can give another woman than, "Euugh, I hate you, you bitch!"

  • People who read my ridiculous site without knowing me first must think I am an absolute nutcase. I really don't take myself so seriously, and I'm not quite so self-absorbed.   :-)

  • January 31st is shedyooled to be a fun day in NYC... gonna go do goofy touron NYC things (I admit it). Got tickets for Blue Man Group at 4:00 with Jerm and Stacey, and then we're gonna grab some dinner somewhere (I vote middle eastern). At 8, we're meeting Liz and Mike, Cindy and her boyfriend, and possibly John and his girlfriend at Caroline's Comedy Club to catch Dane Cook, who is probably the funniest friggin' guy eh-heh-ever. I've got an extra ticket to both Blue Man Group and Dane Cook, so if you've got a couple bucks to blow and feel like going to NYC, lemme know. Operators are standing by.   :-)

  • I have not talked to my friends Ben and Missy in 78972 years, and I hate myself for it. Admittedly, they're probably in the thick of their busy bed-and-breakfast season, but still, I just suck entirely. I have probably 3 years' worth of birthday cards, anniversary gifts and Sponge Bob paraphanalia to send up that way. Someday I should shock them and send them a huge box with all this stuff.

  • Jeremy wants to be a Linux guy. I told him that in order for him to do that, he either needs to learn how to snowboard better and use hair spiking products, or he needs to buy a Segway.

  • Chris Turner has challenged me to a Trader Joe's Salsa-eating competition. He will fail, oh yes, he will fail indeed. Of course, my success depends on the chip, methinks. Lately I've been going with the baked tostitos, even though the Trader Joe's Soy and Flaxseed chips are quite the tasty treat. But if the goal here is to shovel in the maximum amount of salsa, then I don't wanna be filling up on a hearty chip like the TJ's. Careful analysis and intensive training will need to happen.

  • I've got the "Capital I" song from Sesame Street circa 1975 in my head today. As in, "We all live in a Capital I, in the middle of the desert in the center of the sky / and all day long we polish up the I to make it clean and (something) to brighten up the sky / Rubbing it here, and scrubbing it there / polishing the I, so high in theeeeeeeeeeeeee air..."

  • I'm really jonesin' to see The Cooler (loooove that William H. Macy!). I heard that 21 Grams was a decent flick, too; and I wouldn't mind catching Lost In Translation one more time before it leaves the theaters.

    OK. I'm off to Jerm's to test-drive this Ibanez bass we're thinking about buying. If he doesn't get it, then I might... though I'm leaning more towards an acoustic/electric bass I found on eBay. Off to battle the -25 degree wind chill; lord have mercy on my soul for the colorful language the world will soon hear as I step outside.