01-21-05: biz cas fri

I've been working late this week. Luckily, not Accenture-late (a la 3am), but ya know, 6:30 / 7:30-ish. Yesterday I left around 6, and as I made my way out the door, one of the admin assistants said, "Don't forget to wear jeans and your favorite sports jersey tomorrow!" Oh BOY!   I love it when office people really stretch waaaay out on a limb to explore the limits of pure zaniness.

They have a bulletin board in the hallway here with digital pictures of people from the little pot-luck office party we had around Christmas. The pictures are of really uninterested, unhappy people in business casual attire holding paper plates of swedish meatballs and pasta salad. For that added "we're so crazy!" touch, someone made thought bubbles and made some people say witty things like, "Oh wow, what do I choose?" and "Go Eagles!"   It's pretty pathetic.

Anyhoo, so today everyone is wearing jeans, and the middle-aged soccer moms who wear their hair in bangs are sporting their Eagles shirts along with their sensible Easy Spirit Walking Shoes-- ya know, to complete the sporty look. There is the occasional Steelers jersey, one daring person wore a Falcons shirt just to irk the Eagles fans, and then there's me wearing my Blue Rocks (Delaware's minor league baseball team) shirt and my Doc Martens.

My WSFS manager, Paul, came up to me and said, "Jill, it's FOOTBALL season, not baseball season!" And I replied, "Now, which one is football again? Pucks or the one with all the tall people?"

Anyway. I tend to take a lot of notes (read: doodle 3D boxes) in meetings, and the standard-issue ball-point Bic wasn't workin' it for me; I mean dude, it was really bringing me down-- writing was a total chore. So I went back to the supply closet and gave my departmental charge code for a new pen (it's important to track your department's pen consumption), and I walked off with a UniBall Signo Gel RT. It's got that liquid watery gel ink that I love, and makes writing totally effortless. I wish it had black ink instead of blue, but beggars can't be choosers. I also grabbed a thin orange highlighter that is especially juicy and wrinkles the paper a bit (to draw extra attention to what you're highlighting). These two items have brought me tons of joy.   I can't get over how excited I am over this stupid pen. It's not even that the pen is that great, but it's just so much better than what I had, and I guess working here has shoved my expectations so low that anything positive makes me do the hoo-hah jig.

In other news, our friends at the National Weather Service tell me that 4-8 inches of snow are heading our way Saturday into Sunday, so I think I'm gonna cancel the coffeehouse. I need a weekend off, and the snow is going to keep people away even if the roads aren't too bad. So there ya have it.

I am totally looking forward to the snow...it gives me permission to sleep all day, putter around the house in my pajamas, take baths, make homemade soup, bake banana bread, etc. I'm wondering if choir will be cancelled Sunday morning. Hmmmm... Darryl usually errs on the side of caution, so my money's on the sleeping in. YEAH!

In still other news, last night was a surprising night. Around 5-ish, I got a text message from Jerm saying he missed me very much and needed some Jill-time. I feel like I haven't seen Jerm in ages, so I was excited to make plans with him. We were both exhausted and really stressed out from our respective busy weeks, so we went to Culinaria and got our steak on. I ate so much, I dont know what came over me. I got their iceberg wedge with bleu cheese and Jerm got their unfathomably yummy tomato parmesan soup, and we swapped halfway. I chowed down on their bread and butter (there is crack in their bread and butter-- I'm not kidding, it's addictive and I'm not sure what makes it so different than anyone else's bread and butter), had a steak with green peppercorn sauce, asparagus and mashed potatoes, and then some raspberry sorbet. I was sleepy, and after I dropped Jerm off back home, I figured I should run over to Trader Joe's for one or two things and then I would go home to bed... I wanted to be asleep by 9:30, I was wiped out.

Anyway, so I got to Trader Joe's and who is standing eyeing up the curry chickpeas but Mark Edmundsen. We got to chatting, and I could see had this distance in his eyes that I normally don't see in him... Mark is typically one of the most present people I know, and here his mind was clearly elsewhere. I asked what was up, and he told me that a very inspiring person in his life, Vieve Gore, passed away that morning and he was thinking about it all day (click the link and look at that picture-- if she isn't one of the most beautiful, radiant people you've ever seen... wow!). He wasn't sure how he was supposed to mourn this person, as he didn't know her very very well, but knew her well enough to be really inspired by her. He also told me that he's building a fireplace in his house, and that day he had just picked up a slab o' granite for his hearth. We decided to finish our shopping together (neither of us had much left to do) so I could then go out to his truck and see the rock -- it was totally, um, well, rockin' (sorry.). He told me about his experience going to the rock store, which is like a huge airport hangar filled with unfathomably huge slabs of rocks from all over the world-- imagine looking at an open file cabinet full of file folders... now imagine you're an ant looking at that. That's how he described all of these giantor rock chunks lined up inside this building. He and the salesperson walked around from department to department-- ths rock is from Argentina, this one is from Vermont-- taking little samples of the rocks with a hammer so he could take them home and see what looked cool. He chose the black granite, figuring it would reflect the flames nicely without being too busy. It's very elegant. Mark is a total renaissance man-- he's vegetarian, he's a black belt in kung fu, he's a gourmet cook, he's touchy-feely, artsy-fartsy, he's a cheese conoisseur, well-read, exceedingly articulate and leading-man handsome, but totally friendly, gentle and approachable. Oh yeah, and he's a chemical engineer. He's also one of those people that even though you only see him twice a year, he remembers everything about your past conversations and really makes you feel important. He's the bomb-diggity.

But he's no ninja. :-)

Anyhoozle, during my travels I got a call from Grant who cancelled movie-making/Knappuccino's plans for this weekend, and moments later I got a call from Alisa who wants to hang out soon. See my schedule morph!

After Trader Joe's and the granite slab, I started to drive home and Sam called me and asked if I wanted to get some coffee at the Golden Monkey. He didn't sound very good, I could tell he needed Jill-time, so I said absolutely. I had some time to kill before Sam arrived, so I returned some stuff to Target and picked up some hair cullah (a perfect snowy day activity), and some pop-rocks to cheer him up. We met at the Monkey around 9:45 and stayed until 11:30pm, finding uncanny similarities in our lives. I hope I made him feel a little better. He's a very good egg.

On the way home I got text messages from Genevieve, who I haven't seen since The Wall in December... it's nutty to think that I've seen John who lives 3000 miles away more times than I've seen someone who lives just down the street. Was good to hear from her and make Styx references. :-)

Since I can't read my LiveJournal at work, I settled in when I got home and planned on reading a few little things and hitting the hay since I knew I'd have a big day at work to follow. Alas, I didn't get to bed until almost 2am. This morning I yelled at my alarm with a whiny of "no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!"

Anyhoo. Tonight is The Hearn's drunken and debaucherous birthday party, so that is where I shall be, snapping photos and bystanding innocently. (Hearn says: "We're gonna be drinkin' by 7 and throwing up by 11! Yeah!")

Aim high, kids! :-)