01/23/04: not much

Strange... haven't had much to report. Same ol' mundania.

I posted for a new job internal to Accenture that allows me to work from home, and would earn me a nice phatty raise. I probably won't hear about it for some time, but I'll keep you posted. Should I be worried or flattered that my manager told me about it?   :-)

Tomorrow is a big day: I've got callbacks for Little Shop of Horrors at City Theater, and then Knappuccino's at night. I can't wait! This month's lineup is gonna rock, and I can't wait to hear the new guys. Matt and I are doing a song together, and I am so excited about it I could barf. I taught it to him in about 20 minutes, the dude just picks stuff up so quickly, it's a total honor to work with him. I'm also singing BVs for him on a song he's premiering tomorrow night, which is an amazing song. His lyrics are just frikkin' killer. Brian Turner tells me he's debuting two new tunes tomorrow night, too... so if you're not coming to the coffeehouse tomorrow night (for shame!), keep your eyes on the Knappuccino's website in coming weeks for mp3s.

Tonight I took Chris out to Culinaria for dinner to celebrate his old job ending and his new job starting. We toasted to "the end of a good thing, and the beginning of an even better thing," because I know he was bummed to leave the security of his old gig behind. I'm really proud of him for nailing this job. OK, enough about Chris, let's talk about food. :-)   Culinaria has the best damn food in the entire world. Their tomato parmesan soup is to die for; there is something magical about their bread and butter; their filet mignon in peppercorn sauce is sheer bliss, their mashed potatoes are sent from above. Desserts are a little bit of heaven. Plus, the atmosphere is great, as long as you don't sit near the door and catch a draft-- it's cold outside! (Speaking of it being cold... I just looked out the window and it's snowing. Who knew? Weathergirl Jill has been slacking, apparently.)

Tonight I am thoroughly enjoying a night off. After dinner, Chris and I went over Matt's house so I could run through those two songs for tomorrow night. At one point, and I'm not sure how we got on the topic, I was saying how remarkable it was that Jeremy and Boutell were roommates in college, and now they both have hugely popular books available at any ol' bookstore. I was saying, "Boutell invented the frikkin' imagemap, for christsakes! And he also invented the .png file format for images! How cool is that?! And Jeremy is the guy Microsoft calls when they can't figure something out. Unbelieveable!" and Matt said, as if to one-up their accomplishments, "Well, my dog is licking the floor." This struck me so damn funny that I laughed until I cried... I thought I was going to barf because I couldn't breathe and I had just eaten that huge dinner. It was beautiful. I haven't laughed like that since Jeremy and I watched Dane Cook's special on Comedy Central. Anyhoo, I got back to my apartment around 8:45 and am just enjoying a warm night with nothing to do. I painted my toes, and I think I'm gonna take a bath before I flop into bed. I gotta get mah beauty sleep tonight so I'm all dewy spring fresh for tomorrow's callbacks (wish me luck!).

In other news, Jeremy and I figured out that we're gonna go to Stefan's wedding together... unfortunately Stacey isn't able to attend (poo!). Today I was doing some flight searches, and America West flights from Philly are frikkin' $376 (ouch!!) and flights out of Baltimore on Southwest are looking to be around $300 (but ya gotta figure we add in train fare or shuttle from Wilmington, or pay long term parking), so we're lookin' at $350. Damn, I'm wishing I still had some of those frequent flyer miles left over from all those trips to Phoenix last year. I knew I shouldn't have flown my last flight for free. I always tell myself that if I can get a flight for under $250 then I shouldn't blow miles on it and I should just pay for it instead, so I can use the miles for times like this when the fares are eleventy-billion dollars. Oh well. Live and learn, I guess. We're making it a short trip-- flying out on Friday afternoon and leaving Monday morning. It'll be fun to hang in Arizona with Jeremy for kinda one last time, you know? Very weird. We're all so grown up now. :-)   Anyhoo, Mark and I are gonna be Barbie-Dream-Dates to the wedding, so I told Jerm he can be my Skipper Dream Date.   :-)

Speaking of dates, last week I held an essay contest to determine who I was gonna take to NYC on 1/31. It was a tough competition believe it or not (one dude even sent flowers with his submission!), but it looks like Chris Turner is gonna win... that is, if he pays up on his extra credit assignment of Lindt. ;-)

Sunday night starts Restaurant Week in Philadelphia. This is where you can get a 3 or 4 course meal for a prix-fixe $30 at a buttload of Philly's awesome restaurants. Chris and I are going to Twenty21 on Sunday night (assuming the Sunday night snow doesn't stop us) and I'm really psyched. Their menu looks really yummy.

Sorry that this update isn't particularly exciting. More excitement soon, I'm sure.

OK, the bathtub calls my name.   Night!