01/29/04: happy sad happy

Poor Jeremy. As if he's not going through hell right now, on top of everything, he just found out today that he needs a root canal.

It seems I've been getting bombarded with bad news lately-- there must be something in the air, because almost everyone I know out here has some crappy thing happening to them. My cousin has breast cancer. My friend is being stalked and threatened. Another friend's father died. Another friend's 3-year old daughter broke her arm in two places and has nerve damage. My other friend's boyfriend almost died (literally) when he suddenly discovered a severe allergy to nuts. A dear friend is calling off his wedding and is completely ending the relationship. Two of my other friends found out that their parents have cancer. The ceiling caved in right over my work area and flooded everything and ruined thousands of dollars of networking equipment. I'm getting laid off. I'm losing a member of my team tomorrow.

But in spite of all this, I'm still quite chipper, because I have so much to be happy for. Looks like I got cast as the Voice of Audrey II (the plant!) at City Theatre (Wilmington's professional Equity big-time theatah), Knappuccino's is really taking off, Mark is coming to visit in a few weeks (la la la!), my Ant-man is doing quite nicely, Jim and Robin are having a baby, Durkin and Daphne are preggers too, Matt-o-Blatt and I have been jamming lately and it's awesome and super-fulfilling, Darryl said we could try some one-on-a-part early music at the Cathedral, I have a really cool Speak and Spell that I can't stop playing with, I'm enjoying the fook out of my singledom, Jen Hunter listed The Evelyn Situation as one of her interests on LiveJournal, I have orange flowers in my room, I'm buying a new bed, there is snow, I bought $2 hand lotion from Trader Joe's that smells like grapefruit, it's girl scout cookie season, I have a really awesome green hand-knitted wool hat that Curtis made which keeps me toasty, and there is, of course, salsa in my fridge and in my belly.

Speaking of salsa, I went to Trader Joe's tonight and bought four more tubs of salsa. The cute check-out guy I always go to said his usual thing tonight: "Wow, four tubs of salsa," to which I reply, "Yep, this stuff is amazing. I eat a tub of it a day."    "Wow, you must really like it."    "No, dumbass, I think it's gross and I'm doing it as penance for all of my evil deeds."  (Ok, so that last part doesn't really happen.)   Anyway, I ate one today at work in one sitting and I will surely eat another tomorrow. I can't stop!! I really have a problem, I think. I know I've been talking about salsa a lot lately, but it's because I think about it and dream about it and eat it constantly. Joe warned me that I might get sick of it soon, and then what... but I just don't see that happening.

I also bought myself some orange flowers from Trader Joe's. What's better than orange flowers? You answer me that, Mr. Smartypants!

Anyhoo, I grabbed dinner with Jerm tonight to give him a little moral support. The poor guy is really going through some amazingly difficult stuff; frankly, I'm not used to seeing him in this vulnerable state, but I'm VERY glad I can be there for him and help him out; it's nice to feel so overwhelmingly appreciated. It's also amazing how I can give him advice and then not apply the exact same advice to myself.   Ah yes, those who can't do, teach.

This weekend is gonna be mucho fu-u-un! Tomorrow night (Friday) I might be going to see The Glass Menagerie at the WDL -- Matt-o-Blatt's wife Carol directed it, and she's awesome. I'm also considering seeing it next weekend and instead spending a blissfully quiet night home just doing nothing... checking email, installing my scanner, eating salsa (hee hee) and then maybe eating some salsa, and if I'm bored maybe I'll even eat some salsa. Saturday day, I'm driving to NYC with Jeremy, Georgie and Chris to see Blue Man Group at 4pm, grab some dinner somewhere (Planet Hollywood! That's where ALL the stars go!), and then we're seeing De La Guarda at 7pm. Then I drive home 100 MPH so I can get some sleep because I have church in the morning, and then I'm seeing Sarah Vowell that night. It's also Brett's birthday, and I really wish I could go to his birthday dinner, but it starts too late for me to make the Sarah Vowell show. Poopie.

Best of all, my weekend plans include no Super Bowl parties. I have absolutely no need for football in my life. Eagles schmeagles. (I'm sure I'll find my tires slashed tomorrow morning... haha)

Okeedoke. I told myself I was gonna take a bath because I'm having a really hard time getting warm tonight. I have 47 pairs of socks on and my tootsies are like little (okay, big) ice cubes. So even though it's really late right now, I'm gonna go slug down a big glass of OJ and go do that. I love my tub.