02/02/04: Phil

Mr. Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow, so it looks like we're stuck with this winter crud for another 6 weeks.

You know, I'd love to see what his accuracy record is. That'd be interesting.


The Associated Press gave me this bit of information:
"Punxsutawney Phil is perhaps the most watched on Groundhog Day, but he certainly isn't alone among marmot meteorologists. More than a dozen states celebrate the day with their own critters, including Dixie Dan in Mississippi, Buckeye Chuck in Ohio and Gen. Beauregard Lee in Georgia."

I guess Woodchuck Day sounds no sillier than Groundhog Day.

Anyhoo, today I had my "weasel check-out" interview for the software license manager position. I think it went OK; initially I was talking at about 732 words per second, but once I got over my jitters I was fine. Jeremy is the best-- I asked him for some good catch phrases and interview schmaltz I could tell the recruiter, and he said, "Use the phrase 'It's all about relationships,' and go from there." So I did! I said, "Well, I see it like this: It's all about relationships, Sally. Whether you're managing a team of network technicians, working with partners to assess their needs or building vendor trust, it's all about establishing and maintaining relationships. And that's what I do." That's pretty much verbatim... she seemed very pleased. :-)   Turns out I'd be managing the people who manage the software licenses, so it's an easier job than I thought; of course, the perks of software companies bribing the heck out of me will probably be wasted on my underlings and not on me, so all of those Oracle T-shirts, mugs and sticky notes I was hoping to get will have to be gotten elsewhere. Oh well.   I made sure to verify that it is indeed a 'work from anywhere' position, and the recruiter confirmed it. She said that they didn't have a preference if I worked in an Accenture office or from my home office, so that's pretty sweet.

Speaking of my home office, I'm in house-hunting mode again. There's this really adorable house in North Wilmington that has a really sweet deck and a magical view of the Delaware River, and conveniently the neighbors' houses block out the view of the Marcus Hook. :-) I went to check it out very late Saturday night to see what the neighborhood was like that late, and it's totally quiet. I went Sunday afternoon and the neighbors outside waved, which was a nice sign indeedy. The only thing that makes me nervous is that it's an estate sale, so they don't have to disclose any information. The thing could be a flooder or full of leaks and bugs and I'd never know... so I have to make sure I have an especially anal home inspector (which is better than an especially homely anal inspector).

This weekend was more fun than I had expected it to be, and I had some pretty high expectations. I worked until a million o'clock on Friday night so I could enjoy the weekened guilt-free. Saturday I met Jerm, Georgie and ChrisTurner at Einstein's around noonish, and we took off for NYC in two cars. The drive in was a snap, and we parked and walked around a bit, ate a dirty-water dog and a pretzel and then hopped into see Blue Man Group. I don't want to give any of it away, but it was a great time. They are really wonderful percussionists, and so very expressive without saying anything at all. We got our pictures taken with a Blue Man at the end (totally touron, I know) which I'll post as soon as Jerm sends it to me. Afterwards, we grabbed a quick and strangely unsatisfying bite at Au Bon Pain and then jetted o'er to see De La Guarda, which is also something I won't talk about, but suffice it to say it was really some of the most beautiful suspension-of-reality experiential funky sensual things I've experienced in a long time. I'm definitely going to see it again... hubba hubba!

We drove back down to DE right after; Jerm headed up to his parents' place (hence needing two cars) and I drove Georgie and Chris back to their cars at Einstein's. Chris and I stayed up a while talking in my car (needed some routine maintenance [which sounds like a euphemism for something dirty, doesn't it.?]) and all is good. He drove away, and I went home and flopped into bed so I could get up for church the next morning.

On Sunday morning, I woke up in the best mood ever... I was bouncing off the walls and one of the basses even said, "You are just beaming love today! You're all about the happy!"   Anyhoo, the Cathedral Choir was being evaluated that morning by some high-ups from the Delaware Symphony who (I think) is looking for us to do some work with them. We sang well, so hopefully we gave them whatever they were looking for. Darryl seemed to be happy, and that's all that's important. After church I heard someone talking about The Corner Bistro and I got a hankerin' for black bean soup... so I called Turnizzle and we went. Darryl and Matt showed up later and sat right next to us, so the four of us yapped and cracked each other up, and Darryl talked Chris into coming to choir rehearsal on Wednesday night to sing with us. I think Chris is gonna sing alto, as he's quite the bitchin' countertenor. I think it'll do wonders for his musicianship; he's got so much raw talent, it hurts. I know he takes music theory lessons and voice lessons with Matt and Roni Gerry respectively, but I think having two more days per week with his nose in music will really get those muscles working. I know I was feeling pretty rusty before I joined the choir, considering I was only singing in Cappella Sonora, and that's what, twice per year at max?

Anyhoo, after lunch (it was sooooooooooooo good) a nap became necessary and was had. Afterwards, I drove Chris and Jeremy over to the Baby Grand where we met up with Georgie, Blatt and Carol to see Sarah Vowell, who was a laugh-riot. She took questions, and I asked her what her favorite word was. After she made fun of me for sounding like James Lipton (I deserved it), she said that she didn't have a favorite word, but loved a colon... not the word colon, but the actual punctuation mark. She said that she did go through a phase where "crap" was her favorite word and she swore way too much, but she's tried to wean herself off of those two things. Sounds familiar... (not that I've actually attemped to wean myself off of saying "crap" and other more colorful four-letter words, but I have considered that it might soon be time to think about maybe getting around to that eventually sort of. No rush.) After Sarah Vowell, Jeremy, Chris and I went to the Castle and got a little dinnah. I was in bed miraculously by 11 in preparation for the big interview and I slept like a log.

Still no word on Little Shop yet. Georgie tried to get some information from the folks at City Theatre, but there was none to get... the director was on vaca for a week and hadn't given anyone his cast choices yet. They said probably early this week, so we'll see!

Tonight I was supposed to jam with Blatt, but we decided to push it back until tomorrow night when it's raining, so I could my laundry tonight while it's, uh, not raining. I've really got to take my computer apart, too, and install that damn USB2 card. It's gotta happen, or I'm never gonna get my scanner to work.

I've also gotta do some website maintenance. Jeremy and I were laughing in this bittersweet moment this morning about how I have a picture on my website of me and Rob with Jerm and Stace... I pointed it out to Jeremy and I said, "We should title this shot 'And then there were two.' " :-D

Anyhoo, he's holding up very well considering, and I'm very proud of him. I know it's not easy for them, and I suppose my job is to just try to keep things light and happy, and give advice when I can.

Lastly, let me leave you with this...

Need some good karma?

My great friend Amy Wing is a med student in Arizona, and she's due to graduate med school in May of 2004. This summer, she is going on a medical mission to Bolivia (it's not religiously based, so don't worry about the word 'mission') where she will provide healthcare to Bolivians in unspeakable poverty. Amy has student loans out her arse and could use a little help defraying the cost of her journey, which will cost roughly $2000. If you want to help, you can PayPal her by clicking the button below. If you don't feel like setting up a PayPal account (though it is easy and safe!) and you'd rather send a check, email me and I'll give you her snailmail address. Any amount helps. Amy rocks, and I wouldn't ever panhandle on someone's behalf if they weren't way beyond cool. So yeah. Flip her a fiver and feel the good karma.

OK, that's the big report. Back to work, lunch is over!