02-04-04: great day

Today was a great day! I decided to take the day off from work so I could "get stuff done." I had the highest expectations of checking off those annoying little tasks off my list: laundry, pick up my contacts from the eye doctor, get a prescription refilled, go bed shopping, polish my boots, put my music away, empty the dishwasher, catch up with some people, do some much-needed website maintenance, install my damn scanner finally... but instead, I was still in my bathrobe at 5pm having accomplished nada.

Here's a snapshot of my day...

Spent some time on MSNMessenger having deep conversations like this:

jeremym says: Do squirrels like broccoli?
Jillicious says: If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me that...

Took an informal poll as to which picture of me should go in the newspaper for Paula Shulak's Cappella Sonora/Knappuccino's article, considering every picture of me ever taken shows me doing something stupid. So these lame ones were the least of all evils.

Chatted with Amy about my weekend, where I described De La Guarda thusly:
"De La Guarda is this totally amazing and completely f-ed up show in NYC. It's totally abstract, no plot, mostly movement and dance and really sensuous but not uncomfortably so... lots of panty shots and strong men; complete suspension of reality weirdness. No seats... you just stand there for an hour. It's like a live-action sex planetarium."

Looked through old emails and found this gem I wrote to a friend about how I felt about an oooold boyfriend right after I got dumped:

"Anyway, so that's that. He's a good egg, and I do miss him like hell sometimes. Of course, if he called me up tomorrow and said that he was totally wrong and wanted me back, I might consider it... :-) Of course, I also might tell him to go F himself, and I hope he hates himself for the rest of his pathetic life for forcing the greatest chick in the world out the door; and I will laugh an evil, deep fat-belly laugh at the schlumpy frumpy lumpy unfunky uptight uber-academic dead-fish-in-the-sack dull-witted asthmatic vegan loser baseball-hating frail clingy allergy-ridden grandma-underwear-sporting mentalcases he's gonna date going forward."
(Further proof that hell hath no fury...)

What else did I do...

  • Ate a tub of salsa that Matt and I started on the previous night! (Yes folks, Matt ate the salsa and now knows I'm not making this crap up about the stuff being obsession-worthy. I feel vindicated...)
  • Ate a few white chocolate yummy things
  • Got a phone call from Tom Shade offering me the part of Audrey II in City Theatre's production of Little Shop of Horrors (Woo-hooooo-hooooooooooooooo!!)
  • Promptly called and emailed 76297 people about above point
  • Freaked out and jumped around about said point
  • Heard a really pointless cover of Aerosmith's "Dream On" - funny, I didn't think it needed to be covered, let alone as a carbon-frikkin' copy of what Aerosmith does, albeit without Steven Tyler's amazing vocal prowess
  • Took a shower finally
  • Went to choir rehearsal with Turnizzle - he's singing countertenor (alto) ... how cool is that?
  • Went to Galluccio's with Turnizzle and Matt Boatmon and ate 53 tons of fried food. My god, Matt is the bomb-diggity!
  • Went home and cleaned my place up for the cleaning ladies, did bills and stuff
  • Hit the hay.

    So yeah, while I didn't get to do the big stuff I needed to do, it felt nice just to do the little stuff I wanted to do. I should take a mental health day once per month or so. That would rock.