02/09/04: grump remover

Did you ever have one of those days where you just wanna wallow in self-pity? Well, I had a weekend of it. Hey!

On the outside, my crunchy candy shell was shiny and sugary good... I had a fun weekend on the surface... but inside, my chocolatey center wasn't doing as well. For some reason, I was feeling especially dumped the last few days. So to compensate, I booked myself a haircut and a massage for Saturday, and they helped immeasurably. Massage and haircut therapy: fixes all that ails ya.

I got my crazy hair back (crazier than ever, might I add) and now I feel like I got my mojo back. F everyone who told me to grow out my hair-- they were smoking crack. I had been growing my hair since October, so it feels great to have my groovy coiff back, instead of my dumb-ass librarian thing going on. And the good news is, Melissa rigged it so I can keep my antennae. Word!

I also got a massage at The Massage Center and it ruled, as always. The last time I went I was worked on by Helen, and I vowed never to go to another person again. But Saturday I had Amanda (so much for my vowing) who rules entirely, so, I think I'm an Amanda-girl now (no offense to Helen who rocks the house). Amanda said my neck and shoulders were so fooked up that she didn't even have time to work on my legs; she said she could also tell I was kind of emotionally cloudy, so she did her best to fix that up too, which she most certainly did. Massage is a great thing.

I think I need to cancel my cleaning ladies and get myself a massage once per month. This feels too good, and I figure I gotta start paying attention to my ol' soul cage here, because 32 years of neglect is starting to take its toll. Granted, losing the excess-Jill has helped a billion-fold, but hey, there's always room for improvement, you know?

A friend clued me in on a new way of approaching things that bother you: The Upper Class British approach: "So, you’ve broken up with someone with whom you had a wild attraction, you say? And apparently he felt the same for you, what-what? But he'spulled the plug which has left you with a wistful hole in your soul that makes you simultaneously miss him terribly and dislike him a touch?  Bad luck, that.  Tea?" This approach basically tells you to suck it up and shaddap about it already. Which eventually I'll do. I swear. Really. Honest.

In other news, Andy Durkin (whose wife Daphne is with child-- yay!!) emailed me the other day. He's been talking to Paul Badalamenti (the Evelyn Situation's guitarist) and they figure if we record a Best Of Evelyn album and do a few east coast dates now that Durk has contacts for all the promoting he's been doing of his own group, we'd make a few bucks and document that amazing music in one shot. Durk was kicking around the idea of living out east for a month or two this year to work on the project, so we'll see. It still amazes me how much traffic my lame-o Evelyn page gets, and how people who have never seen us enjoy the hell out of the crappy mix tapes and bootleg compliations I've thrown together. I think this project could really work.

What else... I've decided to give this low-carb thing a shot... not because I want to lose any weight in particular, but because the low-carb stuff traditionally has more protein in it, which is what I need. Trader Joe's has a really yummy high-protein / low-carb cereal called "More and Less" which is super tasty, once I put maple syrup and 44 metric tons of cinnamon sugar on it (ah yes, so much for low-carb). :-)

Speaking of Trader Joe's... Matt came over last week and I made him try the salsa of love (that doesn't sound right AT ALL!), and he admitted it was a tasty treat, and even speculated that he might have to swing by the TJ's to buy himself a tub all of his own. Then Amy sent me an email with the subject line of "Damn You!" that said that she bought the salsa and chips and can't stop eating them. SEE?! SEE?! It's not just me!!

I love food so much. I don't think I could ever date anyone with a serious food allergy. Wife beater? No problem! Allergic to milk? Sorry, bucko. Move along.

What else can I report... I didn't get the Software License Manager position at Accenture that I interviewed for the other day. This isn't a bad thing, really... I didn't think I could do the job in my heart of hearts. The good news is that my employee file now says I can apply for B-level jobs, so that's definitely a huge help. We'll see what other goodies the job postings database yields; or there's always ING Direct...

In other news... I recorded the Barbershop Kurtet this Sunday, and it went swimmingly well. It amazes me that only one out of the four members had ever sung barbershop before; and two of the four don't read music. These guys don't know the meaning of the phrase "pitch sag." They start a tune in one key, and by cracky, at the end of it they haven't drifted a cent. Incredible! I want to book them for a 15-minute Knappuccino's slot one of these months; we need to build the repertoire a bit more. Paul Stamegna is gonna see what music he has laying around, and I'll do the same.

I love hanging out with those guys; they are a laugh-riot, so full of energy and happy vibes, not to mention completely F-ed in the head. :-) They've been on this kick where they try to sneak the phrase "or a ninja" into conversation. Like, if your boss says, "Hey, we could build an application that will track all of the internet usage for the building." "Or, a ninja!" Yes, it makes no grammatical sense, really. That's the charm. Try it today!

Jeremy and I have been ending verbal paragraphs with "and, uh... and dat's it" for a while now. We heard this on This American Life on the episode about the Golden Apple diner in Chicago. One of the diner regulars ends every sentence like that, and it just works so nicely. So we've adopted it totally accidentally-- it sort of leached into our vernacular and the next thing you know we're all contaminated. But I don't wanna clean it up, no sireebob.

Speaking of Jerm, he auditioned for Little Shop of Horrors and got the part of Mushnik. Woohooooo! It'll be so much fun to be in a show with him again. La la la!

Anyhoo, I'm gonna leave you with this gem that Chris Ghiorzi said when asked about computer programming. He says, "Programming is easy. You just write the instructions in Notepad, and then tell your computer to take it like a bitch."