02/11/04: names names names

It's funny... no matter what state I live in, I always find friends who, totally under their own steam, choose to make up names for me. I guess Jill Knapp is easy to morph into other stuff. For example:

Jilldegaard von Bingen
Jagged Little Jill
You Be Jillin'
Kosher Jill Pickles
Kids Spell Fun J-I-L-L-O
Licensed to Jill
Jilly Putty
Sports Jillustrated
Peanut Butter and Jilly
MaJilla Gorilla
BLlij over River Kwai

I just came up with a new name for myself... Golgi Knapparatus.

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (standing up with both hands pointing at nothing at at 60-degree angle over my head)

Had a little dream come true last night; got to jam with Joe Trainor last night, and we worked up a song for Knappuccino's on 2/21. After we worked, we hung out and yapped until 11:30. My gahd, he's just frikkin' brilliant. Totally self-aware; he really knows whut's whut. As if he wasn't totally high up on my list, he just jumped up 47 notches on the cool-o-meter. And it turns out my little dream-come-true is gonna be a lasting thing-- he wants to work with me and Matt, so Blatt and I are gonna open up our Monday night jammies to him. (I have this image of me and Matt wearing pajamas and then flashing him.)

I'm listening to WDEL right now, and they're interviewing some guy from the National Chicken Council re: the bird flu. I just picture the National Chicken Council being a bunch of guys in suits hiding behind chairs whining, "I don't wanna, I don't wannaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

OK, I'm picturing too much stuff.

Anyway, so hey, I'm going to see Rufus Wainwright tonight! Yay! He's playing at The Strand Theater in Lakewood, NJ, which I hear is this Olde Tyme theater that they've renovated to be all cool and modern while still keeping that Olde Tyme Flavah. (I wonder if "Olde Tyme" and "Flavah" have ever been used together like that.)

Tomorrow night Chris Ghiorzi is coming over to work out the guitar part to one of the other songs I'm doing at Knappuccino's. Afterwards we'll probably head out to Stanley's and meet up with the Thursday Night Stanley's Cre, so we can eat some yummy bar food.

I've gotta watch it with the junky food... I think my body really rebelled from eating so much junkfood yesterday. I had a headache and was nauseas like I have never felt... even felt like I could pass out at times. I think my body was just going mental trying to process all of the sugar and the crud, and it had no idea how to handle it. While I was working with Joe there were times I wanted to just curl up on the floor because my head was pounding so bad. Very weird, because I don't usually get headaches. So today I'm making sure I eat really well; I'm having a salad with grilled chicken for lunch and I had a banana, too. I've really got to get better about taking my vitamins, because I've been horrible about it.

Anyway, part of the body rebellion resulted in my voice cracking all over the place. I think maybe my voice has cracked 5 times in my whole life, and over the past 4 months it's been cracking CONSTANTLY. I don't know if I'm just being too rough with it (no rougher than usual), or if I'm just really dry, or if I'm going through a voice change (women's voices change every 7 years) or, god forbid, I'm hoping it's not some post-traumatic-stress-syndrome related thing (I'm mostly kidding about that). I think I'll just make a concerted effort to drink more water and stretch it out more.

You know, it's so refreshing to see how in love with his girlfriend Joe is. He's got that whole 'floating on air' thing you get when you're in those awesome first few months of a great relationship. Seeing him like that makes me realize, only now, that whats-his-name really never did have that whole thing going on for me. The elusive click. Goddamn, it would be so easy if you could bottle that stuff.

OK, anyhoo, I have to get cracking here. If I'm gonna leave work early to get to Lakewood on time, I gotta finish my lunch and get back to work. Chop chop!