The big neon sign...

Tonight Sushi Thursday was Indian Thursday. In attendance was Ian (though I only saw him in the parking lot), Brett, Trip and Sandler. 'Twas yummy as always.

After Indian Thursday I went to the SuperFresh on Philadelphia Pike. I'll tell you whut, there are some scary-ass people at the SuperFresh at 10:30pm on a Thursday. Hoo-boy! I counted four people talking to themselves. And you know how random people will just kind of talk to you about items in the store? (Are you that person that everyone talks to? Just like, are you the person that, when standing in a huge crowd, that everyone decides to cut in front of when they have to cut through everyone? Are you also the person they ask directions from? Dammit!) So this one lady was talking on her cell phone and actually stopped her conversation to tell me that they sell "name brand meats" at the dollar store next door, and why should you pay these prices when you could get it for a dollar? So I made a remark which I hoped would be interpreted as "end of conversation" but alas, it only made the "PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT MEAT" sign o'er my head glow brighter apparently. Anyhoo, I could *maybe* understand this turn of events if we were indeed standing in the "name brand meats" aisle, however, we were standing looking at International Foods and pasta fixins.

Anyway. At the SuperFresh, there was nearly no bottled water left. (I didn't look for duct tape.)  

After shopping, I came home and unpacked my groceries, and then I was hungry again, so I ate my Indian food leftovers. It was just as tasty as it was a few hours ago. Then I went to the rest room to, uh, rest.   Then I checked my email and noticed that Brian Turner had a really big file to email me, but he couldn't, so I told him to call me so he could FTP it to me. So we talked for the briefest of moments and delivered 'just the facts' (my kind of conversation, I hate the phone, even though I love The Brian), and then I started to clean my bedroom because I still haven't put away all the stuff from the show yet (it's only been a week, what do you want?), but then I heard Strong Bad say, "must... check... email" so I knew that someone loved me, so I checked my email again, and lo and behold, it was a wise-ass email from Sandler poking fun at my lack of JCS Page updates for 6 hours. So, I'm hoping this is enough of an update.   :-D

Have a good night!