02/25/04: immortal goat

Had a really wonderful week. My super-cool awesome nifty brilliant friend Mark Kooy came to visit from Arizona on Thursday and he just left Tuesday night. We had a blast while he was here -- he got immersed in my little life, and it was fun showing him around. He got to meet my friends (they love him-- how could they not?), he bonded with Mark Edmundson, he experienced a Knappuccino's and got to hear some great music, we hung out at Stanley's with the post-Knappuccino's crew and even met up with some post-Drama League One-Act gang, we saw Hilary Hahn at The Kimmel Center, we ate wasabi-encrusted filet mignon at Pod (woohoo, we even got to sit in a pod!), we hung with Jeremy lots, we went to New Hope and walked around, he met my fam, and he heard Molly read from a technical manual describing the physics of the weight transfer and rapid acceleration of race cars, we baked bread, we ate Trader Joe's salsa, and Monday night we played a wicked game of collegiate 'I Never' (which is pretty funny considering neither of us heard of the game until very recently).

I've gotta give mad props to Danielle, who took Mark shopping and totally Queer Eye'd him up... she took him from a golf shirt, Dockers and white sneakers-wearing Reasonably Unassuming Guy to Holy Crap Would You Look At That Guy. It's scary to think that a pair of jeans, a very simple sweater or two and a jacket can change someone entirely. No need for hair products or facial hair configuration changes, no need for eyebrow plucking or manicures-- just a sweater and some jeans (oh yeah, and some Doc Martens helped significantly). Wacky. They guy will never be the same. I imagine he's gonna be an official Chandler Arizona Babe Magnet.

Anyway, Knappuccino's went very well. I gotta say, I love that these younger folks have taken to it. They're so talented, they're a lot of fun and above all else they're really courteous and gracious. Gives me faith in humanity, you know? :-)

I just found out that there's really cool venue called The Listening Post in Wilmington, which is a knappuccino's-like concept, only much more mature and established. I'm dying to check it out and hopefully even get to talk to Mary Post to see what I can learn from her. She had a really sweet article written on her in Out and About, and she sounds like an amazing woman. I'd love to get some tips from her. The good news is that she gets bigger names to her venue where I stick with the local boys, so I don't think we're in competition with each other, necessarily... we'll see!

Tonight I had to sing for Ash Wednesday, and as such, I got a smudge of stuff on my head tonight. Because I have no short-term memory whatsoever, when I got home and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I jumped 10 feet in the air yelling, "Holy crap! What's on my face?!?"

In other news... Matt-o-Blatt and I were briefly yapping today about relationships and we recalled these two uplifting gems:

  • "No matter how perfect you think she is, someone somewhere is sick of her crap."
  • "You are the only common thread in all of your unsatisfying relationships."

    Pardon me while I go become a nun.

    What else...

    Southwest Airlines will be flying in and out of Philly starting in May. A few months back there were rumors that PHL wasn't going to let them take up shop for fear it would ruin things for US Air, but I guess they got their way. Woohooooooooo, let's hear it for cheap flights to and from Arizona!

    OK, I'm hungry... I'm gonna go eat some salsa before hitting the hay. Regardless of rigorous brushing, I'm betting that'll make for some delicious morning breath.