03/01/04: swan song

Wake the kids, call the neighbors, but it was 60 degrees on Saturday and 62 on Sunday. It's going to be in the 60s all week. Woohooooo! Looks like stupid winter is finally coming to a close. Hallelujah!

Had a really fun weekend. On Friday night we celebrated SteveWe's and Nick's birthdays. The WDL gang went to Hibachi and then bowling, which was infinitely more fun than it might sound. Christurner and I took pictures of everyone's strikes and spares with our camera phones, and they're all kinda lame. Picture phones are way cool, but only if you have bright light, which the bowling alley simply did not. Last night I half-heartedly tried to tweak them so they look decent, but I figured I'd watch the Oscars instead. Anyhoo, I'm a really crappy bowler, but the good news is that we're all not so good, so the crap was all relative. I think I came in 2nd place the first game and 3rd place the second game, which is just fine. I got around a 120 for both games.

Steve Weatherman, the birthday boy

Matt-o-blatt gets a strike

Chrizzle gets a spare

Jill picks up another spare

Jill nails a strike!

Kathy B. bashing a strike!

Genevieve gets a strike!

Blatt gets another strike!

Nick cleans up a spare

Nick tidies up with another spare

Nick nabs a strike

Greg Robleto, very proud of his score of 69

Robleto picking up the spare

Weatherman grabs a spare

Steve We gets a strike!

On Saturday, Jeremy, Georgie and Christurner and I went to Washington DC to see Dane Cook at the Improv down there. Holy cow, that guy is 2786926 times funnier live than he is on TV. My face and guts hurt from laughing so hard. We had front-table seats which made the whole experience that much more, shall we say, in your face.   Getting down to DC from Wilmington couldn't be easier... just hop on 95 to 895, and then take the train in from the New Carrollton station for a whopping $2.75. The metro rocks. I love trains.

Sunday was the usual routine: church choir in the morning, lunch with Darryl and Matt in the afternoon (Peggy came along too, which was very cool). Afterwards, I met up with christurner and we hung out in Rockwood Park for a little while to just be outside. It felt really wonderful to feel the sunlight on my skin and take half-naps on the grass. I love that park!

Sunday night (last night) I figured I would have a nice sendoff for my TV, as today is the day I'm cancelling my cable. I haven't turned my TV on in months, so it doesn't really make sense to pay $45/month for nothing. But before I killed the sucker off, I wanted to let my TV have its swan song, so we watched the Oscars. I frankly couldn't care less about the Oscars, but I figured maybe there'd at least be some cool commercials. I was especially pleased with the Mastercard commercials starring Badger the dog and his cool roadtrip around the US... got me excited for the roadtrip I want to take this summer. I also really enjoyed the AmEx commercial with Martin Scorsese picking up the pictures from his nephew's birthday party; very funny. The guy has really great expressions, which is why he's, ya know, Martin Scorsese.

But speaking of the actual Oscars... I was surprised that Big Fish wasn't nominated for more things, I was disappointed (but not necessarily surprised) that Lord of the Rings won everything on the planet, I was bummed that Bill Murray didn't win Best Actor (though I didn't see Mystic River (or any of the other nominated movies for that matter) so I have nothing to compare his performance to) and I was of course, stunned by Johnny Depp's consummate hotness.   :-D   As for the music, I just need to say that Annie Lennox is an absolute goddess and I would give anything to be even 7% as talented, poised and elegant as she is. Alison Krauss' voice is simply perfection, though I didn't agree with pairing her with Sting; her voice is too clear and his too sparse. (Now if ya paired Alison Krauss and Annie Lennox together... man, that would have been a fargin' tasty treat, lemme tell you.) And of course, Jack Black and Will Ferrell were awesome-- I'm not sure who I love more... though Will earned major points when he whispered Sting's name as he creditted him for something (forget what)... I laughed about that for a good while.

What else to report...

One year ago I was sitting in Arizona trying to explain my whole employment conundrum to someone who has never had a real office job. I remember being met with blank stares which were poorly masked with feigned enthusiasm, so I tried to figure out whether it was best to keep in explaining so my point was understood, or to cut my losses and not be deemed long-winded and annoying. (I did the latter, though admittedly probably a little too late in the conversation.) So, today is essentially my one-year anniversary of working at Accenture. I don't know how I feel about this; part of me thinks we've made lots of progress in this year, and then of course the pessimist in me thinks that we just lowered everyone's expectations a good bit and taught our customers to accept sucky service. My job frustrates me very much, but my co-workers continue to rule the planet, so I still honestly love to come to work every day.

Tonight I start my 5-week course on the Brahms Requiem; I'm looking forward to it very much. On Wednesday I have my first read-through for Little Shop of Horrors-- the mystery of who is in the cast will finally be solved, because I still don't know who got what role. I must admit to being a little nervous about spreading myself too thin between now and May. My rehearsal schedule for Little Shop is pretty rigorous, and with Easter season upon us, choir is going to start getting quite intense. Now my Mondays are taken by this class (though only through March)... soooooo I guess I should ask you all for forgiveness now when I am all grumpy in a few weeks. :-)

OK, it's so very late... so I'll leave you with this little glimpse into my bizarre head: The other night I drank way too much caffeine which spawned some pretty ridiculous dreams. I dreamt that the house I'm looking at was infested with termites and had huge chunks taken out of the side of the house, like shark bites or something. I also felt myself say aloud in my sleep: "If you're gonna have 42 iguanas in your room, you're going to need some ventilation."

I look forward to your full analysis of that one...