03-08-06: boy tawk

I must say, it is pretty weird adjusting to having a boyfriend in the same timezone, considering it's been about 3 years since I've had that.

Being about 75 minutes away from Matt works nicely. I don't feel crowded or pressured; it makes the time we spend together precious, but not so precious where we feel unreasonable pressure that we absolutely must have a perfect time... though somehow we manage it. :-) It's just so frikkin' easy with Matt. I know what's up, he knows what's up, we talk about the big stuff just as easily as we giggle about the silly stuff. Right now, we're just what the other one needs.

One of the things I originally liked about Matt was that he wasn't serious at all, he just kinda floated from one thing to another, hung out in diners and did his thang and just kinda lacked pinpoint direction. I liked that he didn't seem to particularly care about the long-term. Ultimately the novelty of that wore off a bit as I expected it would and I started to crave the stability of someone who had their crap together. So when we had 'the talk' about what I was really looking for, Matt surprised the poop out of me... he whipped out a plan. Discipline. Decisiveness. Pants-wearing. Sweeeeeeeeeet.

I still talk to The Ninja, though it's been less in the very recent weeks. Part of me is very sad about it, and part of me is happy he's making his way. I knew this day would come, and ya know, it's kinda bittersweet. It's almost like having your kid go off to college or something. He doesn't need me anymore, and I guess that's a good sign, globally. But I still miss him. I'm trying not to nudge, because I don't want to be like one of his old exes who wouldn't stop calling him every 28762 seconds while we were together. :-P   I'm sure eventually we'll figure out where we fit in the grand scheme of each others' lives.

In other news, I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago to watch Patty read a short story she'd written at Writers with Drinks, which is a monthly gathering where authors read their works to generally smart folks. It's a good groove. While I was in town, there was a Camp Zebrafish reunion, and much scheming for BMan 2006 was done. It was great seeing everyone again, finding some loft party and dancing until 5am. I got to meet Schulte's wife Joanna and their stupendously cute kids, I got to see Soren and Kathryn, I got to know Carter (aka Elliot / Gorm / Puck) much better and la dee da. It was nice to be in that city with the sole purpose of enjoying it. But dude, I was heartbroken: Mai Thai, home of the magic soup where I would eat every other Friday, has closed down and turned into a Vietnamese restaurant. I shed a little tear and spilled some cafe su da for my fallen homies, and said goodbye to Inner Richmond. It's closure, in some lumpy way.  Sucks.

I'll be heading back out to California (Los Angeles, this time) in April to sing with the Industrial Jazz Group, right after my birthday. Should be cool, as the venue is rocktastic. We're also gonna hit the studio-- whee!

In still other news, I'm finished planning out the metalworking project for Camp Zebrafish. I'm building a cool sculpture / marker for our camp -- it's basically a mobile that looks like fishbones. I'm considering illuminating it, though that will probably be an afterthought. Right now I'm unsure if we'll hang it from the dome or RV, or if I'll get a pole of some kind and hang it off that. I wanted to build a 6-foot kaleidoscope but I didn't think I'd be able to get it out to Reno easily, so poopy on that. I might still build it just because I can, but the Zebrafish sculpture thing comes first.

In the last bit of news, it looks like spring is finally considering springing. Bring that ON! I saw a robin a week ago (which seems freakishly early, honestly), and the trees are showing signs of budding. It's been in the 40s for the last two weeks or so, so let's keep our fingers crossed for some warmth. I heard rumors of temperatures in the mid to high 60s this weekend (great, I'll be in a cathedral all weekend), so that would rule. I need me some warmth.

But what I need right now is some comfy bed. I'm gonna go get me some.