03-12-06: drawing

I don't pretend to know how to draw. I can doodle, but anything past silly stick-figures and I'm lost. I don't understand how to draw perspective, I tend to put too much detail on things, blah blah blah.

The other night I was sitting in the Starlite diner with Matt, Karen and Robyn, and we got to doodling on notecards. I decided Camp Zebrafish also needed a flag, so I've taken it upon myself to design it. I had this mental picture of a very porous fish skeleton, preferably done in white on a black flag background (think pirate flag). Matt has some amazing art markers that are made for people like him who can actually draw. But ya know, having the right tools really helps, I'll tell you whut. I was able to draw almost exactly what I had in my head, which is something that has always been an artistic struggle for me, though on a musical plane: I can hear things in my head and can't get them out into the air... argh!

So it was super-cool to have this mental picture of the fish skeleton and the text and to just get it down on paper. I know it's not that fabulous, yes I know the fish's head shouldn't be so huge in comparison to his tail, but I like it, so poopy on you.

The flag I have in mind won't have the shading or stippling thing; it'll just be white on black. But it was fun to play with the fancy-schmancy markers.

Anyhoo, the metal zebrafish thing I talked about in the last entry will look a lot like this skeleton thing, but the horizontal spine-line will be a little thicker, and the edges will be cleaner than this. I should just scan in my little plan for it, but I don't feel like firing up my scanner right now. So instead, you get the things I drew at the diner.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me: I am fickle. Hmm. Go figure.