03/22/04: orkut and poetry

About a month ago, Jerm had mentioned to me that he joined Orkut.   I didn't care. About 3 weeks ago, Jerm sent me an invitation to join Orkut.   I still didn't care. About 2 weeks ago, I was bored, and I decided to accept his invitation to join Orkut, and now I'm obsessed.

What is Orkut, might you ask?
It's this cool new thing from Google (so you know it doesn't suck) which is a networking tool for vouched-for people. Essentially, someone who is already a member thinks you're neat enough to become a member, so they invite you on. You fill out a profile, and you can use the service for anything you want.. meeting new people for activity partners, business networking, smooch-o-rama, whatever. You join communities which are essentially spam-free message boards. My experience so far has been that only very 'net-savvy people with especially decent grammar and cool insights are members. It's a global thing. It's a really good time, and I'm surprised at how into it I am.

So far, I've started a a community (Delaware), and I've joined a million others. Road Trips, Recreational Swearing, Falknerds (for fans of Jason Falkner), New Jersey (for diner and taylor ham banter), Homestar Runner, Minor League Baseball, Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI (ranh), etc., etc., etc. I feel kinda tooly being so excited about this, but I'm telling you, I can't seem to find any morons, so it's totally delightful.

In other news... Knappuccino's was on Saturday night, and it was like the night was cursed or something. We had a super-light crowd (which is weird, considering the last few have been packed), the advertising didn't get into the Delaware Online 55-Hours Database (grrrr), the JCS distribution list didn't get copied on the announcement (my bad; sent it from the knappuccino's email account and it bounced unbeknownst to me), the big coffee urns were locked away and we couldn't get to them until like 6:45 so the coffee was late (not that big a deal), we had a guy pop a string (not that big a deal, either), a burning candle fell off the piano during Joe Trainor's set and fried the poor guy's left hand off as well as TOTALLY destroying his really nice black sport jacket, we had problems with the sound system... just crazy. But despite all this, everyone enjoyed themselves, and Trainor is milking the burned-hand thing for all it's worth, knowing that I am totally wracked with guilt even though it's nothing I could have prevented really. He knows EXACTLY what buttons to push. Bastard. ;-D   Anyhoo, all of the tragedies of the evening were all fixed by a few drinks at Stanley's... that is, until I got into a nice fat tiff with a friend over nothing. (It's more than all better now.) I'm just gonna chalk it all up to it being a new moon or the vernal equinox or something.

In still other news, the honeymoon is now officially over, and my llij.net email account has now fallen into the hands of an evil spammer. However, it's not as bad as it seems, because this spammer uses some spammerific technique (not exactly sure why) which throws random words at the bottom of each spam. It winds up sounding like some weird crack-smoking poetry. So each day that I think of it, I'll bring you...

Today's Spam Poetry:

conquer describes italics, devours Essene portrayal
buffetings venomously Pollard Stapleton knees
petulance wandering,
freighter ravaging,
bidders afflicted.
Primrose import confer tilting paddock,
Britisher crumples cannon,
antler peaches
penalty Brighton cowed.

Put that in your poetry slam pipe and smoke it, baby.