03/24/04: trainor / poetry

Trainor came over last night under the guise of working on Little Shop of Horrors music, but in reality we just hung out for 4 hours, ate ravioli and maybe sang through "Git it" 1/2 a time. :-) He brought over a million CDs and he played me some really cool stuff including a version of "Oops, I Did It Again" as covered by Travis, and this song "Be Strong" by Cyndi Lauper which has pretty much rendered me unconscious since I heard it. I burned a copy and can't stop listening to it. Cyndi Lauper is so underrated. Man.   Anyhoo, we're gonna try to work it up for the covers show in May, perhaps.

Ya know, I gotta say that this whole getting dumped thing has sucked more than most things I can think of, but now that I'm over it, I can also see how it's helped me artistically. I've really been able to draw from the ouchiness of it, and on some level it's kind of cool. I've gotten a couple songs out of it, I'm playing more guitar and piano than I have in eons, and singing all huge and loud is more fun when you're just a little angsty. :-)   Just like how Billy Joel wrote his best stuff when he was unhappy, you know?

Because I'm just so comparable to Billy Joel. Yeah.

Anyway, speaking of Travis, I saw in my travels that Jason Falkner helped out on a cover of "Killer Queen" with them, so I had to find it. And I did. And holy crap, it is amazing. Normally, carbon-copy covers don't really do it for me, but this one is so damn accurate and true to the original that you can't help but love it. The backing vocals are perfect, the guitar solo is played note-for-note, the lead guy's voice is so perfectly suited for the song, yadda3. Joe asked me to post it, so you can grab it here. (Sure. Let me get nailed by the RIAA.)

In other news, details of my silly 3rd Birthday Party for my 30th Birthday Pie (there's got to be an easier way to say that) is going nicely. People are actually responding, evite seems to be working as planned, and all is well. Looks like Mark might even make the schlep from Arizona so he can come to the party and then also catch Knappuccino's. Of course, I'll have rehearsals and stuff to juggle, but I figure Jerm can keep him company.

I've got choir rehearsal tonight; I feel like I haven't been there in eons. It'll be good to get back into that, especially since we've got that Fauré Requiem concert at St. Albans on Sunday, and I have hardly looked at the music. Guh!

Anyhoo, got some more spam yesterday, so here's the latest poetry installation. (Blatt speculates that the spammers auto-generate random words so all of their emails look different and won't be detected as spam. I wonder how he knows this? Is Blatt secretly running a porn ring from his basement? No WONDER why he only works part time but still drives that fancy Volvo!) Please note that while some of the punctuation belongs to the spammer (most notably the question marks and exclamation points), most are mine.

Today's Spam Poetry:

morality sharpens
purchasers blunder Aggie.
bombs brief.
Miltonist breadboard referents launching outdated Nordhoff cramming!!
Ervin whines egging delineated telegrams.
translator moats.

Vikram thinks Dietrich peels homestead.
wiriness spicy liners feature Wagnerize endorsings.
Congolese narcissus attenders outraged.
Cousins thermal programmed.
tonic loiter droplet?
dejected Yucatan deceitful Goodman forks.

Limit objected.

Bellamy: producer. Laser: Pinsky Phillip.
Sprinter: Stearns. Wilma Banks: fifth antecedent.

Listening mustache infamy! Besides, hydro-producer forcible.

My god, some of these are brilliant! "Boarish, oppressive, limit objected." LOVE THAT!   I'm also loving the "ending credits" which lists Wilma Banks as the fifth antecedent. "Awww, Mom, why does Wilma always get to be the fifth antecedent?  No fair! I want to be the fifth antecedent!"

OK. Must work.

Bye now.