03-24-06: i need

  • I need a massage
  • I need bacon
  • I need someone to pet my birdie head
  • I need a long, lingering hug
  • I need a big, big glass of cool water
  • I need to paint my big toenails like ladybugs (ok, just did that. La la la!)
  • I need to be convinced that chinese medicine is full of crap and my gall bladder does not hold the key to personality and therefore removing it is OK and will not remove my spiffiness
  • I need to be convinced that removing my gall bladder is not going to have me in the toity 24 x 7 (link is mostly for The Ninja, since we all know that he is the poopfreak)

    I was totally fine (mentally/emotionally) for the past few days. Now I am totally reconsidering. I don't want to do this. (Of course, I say that now that I've naturally been feeling totally fine for 3 days.)

    I wonder if I can tell my surgeon, "Look dude, do whatever exploratory stuff you were gonna do, and feel free to repair any hernias and nuttiness you find. But dude, I'm keeping my gall bladder. Besides, any dumbass Delaware doctor can take out a gall bladder. I don't need to pay you out of my pocket1 to do something that routine. I'll pay you out of pocket for the tricky stuff, with pleasure. So stick to the trickay, and I'll find a schlump to do the simple stuff." (Not that I want to go through yet another abdominal surgery in my lifetime if I can avoid it, but still...)

    I just feel very, um, attached to my gall bladder all of a sudden. It's not inflamed. It's not upset. It never was. Yes, it has a stone or three, but almost everyone does. Perhaps some bile salt supplements (Actigall!) will dissolve the stones before they get to the point where they really do cause upset and trauma.

    I dunno.

    Must sleep.

    1 Not that you care particularly, but I'm not paying for the whole thing out of pocket. My insurance pays 80% for out-of-network docs. So, no loans necessary or anything.