03-28-06: ginsu

Just got back from NYC to meet with my surgeon. He rules, have I mentioned that? Doesn't hurt that he looks like Tim Robbins...

I brought him all of my ultrasound films, CTs, and reams of test results from my ER visit, and he was impressed with Wilmington Hospital's tenacity in trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I said, "Well, they couldn't find anything wrong with me there, so they just kept ordering more tests." His reply, "They didn't know what they were looking for. But I see it right here." It sounds cocky, but it's just factual... this guy is THE DUDE and going to him was the right choice.

My insurance is cooperating nicely, too. Yay!

So! The lowdown is: Tomorrow at 2:30pm I'm officially on the docket for a gall bladder removal, a dye-job of my bile duct to make sure no stones are lurking in there (can't let people know I'm not a natural redhead-- ha) and a possible roto-rooter if he finds a stone or two. Next, he's going to repair the Joe Trainor and Steve Weatherman Commemorative Hernia which lives on my left side, and then he's gonna fix the ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow small bowel hernia on my right side. He's gonna dismount with a quick exploratory to make sure everything is kosher.

I voiced my concerns about having my gall bladder removed, and he basically said, "Idiot, you're not using it now. So how is life gonna be after I yank it? You're living it now, baby." (OK, so I paraphrase.)

He sent me for my pre-op testing, which we knocked out in an hour or two.

Next, I met with the H.E.A. (Hot Egyptian Anasthesiologist) and he gave me the shutdown rundown. I asked him to please go gently when he sticks the breathing tube down my throat because I'm a singer, and he took it very seriously. He wrote it in big letters on my sheet, and I feel really great about him.

I talked to the nurse, and she thinks they're only going to keep me in overnight one night, no big deal. I forgot to ask when I can go back to work, but hopefully I can go back sooner rather than later... this is precious vacation time, and the BMan RV is non-refundably paid for in full. (I've got priorities!)

Any trepidation I was feeling lately has totally vanished. I am ready (even a little psyched up!) for this. My head is in the game, my innards are saying their teary goodbyes to their neighbors of 34 years, and all is totally fine. Not nervous at all. I'm glad that I get to sleep in a bit-- don't have to be there until 12:30pm, and the chop-chop is at 2:30.

Many, many thanks for the awesome vibes, happy emails, plant watering, mail gathering, rockin' text messages, happy voicemails and such. I know I'm in the best hands, and I'm totally, totally not sweating this at all.

I'm signing off... yap atcha soon.