03-31-06: all done

Hi all-
I'm at my folks' place in northern NJ. Everything went smoothly, but today I am uncomfortable and grumpy as hell. The drugs they have me on aren't agreeing with me so much.

As expected, the doc removed my gall bladder that was either "full of stones and sand and sludge" or "had a few little stones" depending on who you ask. He found a pretty chunky intestinal hernia that has been the cause of the screaming, so that's been fixed. The Joe Trainor / Steve Weatherman Commemorative Incisional Hernia has been repaired, and a couple adhesions were cleaned up, too. The exploratory portion showed nothing but otherwise happy innards, so that's good.

Thank you all so much for the notes, SMSes, calls, flowers, etc. Talking (breathing, more specifically) is proving painful, so talking on the phone is not on the agenda soon; you will thank me not to call you back right now because I'd only be whiny and unpleasant. I'm sure I'll be feeling much better in a day or two, I have no doubt.

No word on when I can go back to work, but I'm thinking it's going to be around a week.

Very happy this one is behind me.