04/04/03: No matter how you spell it, I'm bizzee

Good Lord. Lately, I feel like all I 've been doing is apologizing for not having more time to give to my friends and family. I have been totally dead silent for weeks and weeks now, it seems. Since the new job started on March 1, I've been a frikkin' nutcase. Two weeks ago I worked a 78-hour WEEK... working until 3:30 in the morning and stuff, working weekends... blah blah blah. Lately it's just been 65-hours, so that's at least a little more human. I know, all I give is lame excuse after lame excuse... I know it's ultimately my fault for not keeping in better contact... how hard is it to drop a note to say hi... I know. I've been running, running, running for so many weeks now that I fear it's starting to catch up with me. And if the weekdays aren't busy enough, my weekends are chock full with stuff I planned months ago that I never thought would come.

So yeah, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm sure you've all memorized the "Nothing is more important to me than having Jill-time" speech, and the pathetic consequences of me being deprived of such time. So when I look at this schedule, I really get twitchy. Between this stuff and my hellish work schedule, I get really frustrated (as in sad-frustrated, not annoyed-frustrated) when my friends ask why I'm not writing or calling them back. I suppose I could forego some of these weekend things to make more time, and I also suppose I could interpret these fun things as Jill-time and not some kind of obligation, but like I said, these are things I scheduled eons ago that are now finally coming up. Zoinks! :-D

So stalkers, listen up! Here's my schedule for the next few weekends! Come rob my house!

4/4: (Danielle's birthday, by the way) Blue Rocks season opener! Going with Jeremy, Stacey, Chris and Brian (Chris and Brian are brothers-- very cool; you'd love 'em. Brian's girlfriend is in London right now, so we're taking him out to cheer him up.)

4/5: Gotta work in the morning until like 2:00. Come home, shower, jump in the car, drive up to north Jersey to see the play my brother directed. If we get there in enough time, maybe we'll grab dinner at Larison's Turkey Farm. (mmmm, Thanksgiving.) Drive back down to DE.

4/6: Church in the morning til noon. Eat something. See the Chrysalis Player's production of The Me Nobody Knows at 2:00pm. See David Sedaris at 7pm. Die.

4/11 - 4/12: Woohoooo! Got the day off from work because I'm working on 4/5. Take the train to NYC (or maybe drive... haven't decided yet) to see my friend Matt's play open off Broadway. (How cool is that??!) Sleep in NYC. Hang out in NYC on Saturday. Take train back to DE on Saturday evening.

4/13: Church in morning; training bike ride in afternoon for 25/50-mile bike tour on 4/27 for the National MS Society. Celebrate birthday early with some pals -- they won't tell me what they've planned, but I think it's kind of extravagant. Yeeesh... (I"m secretly hoping it's to go see The Tallis Scholars in Philly, but these aren't the folks who know about such events, so I guess it's not. I guess I'd be a jerk if I dropped a hint at this stage in the game, huh...)

4/18 - 4/19 - 4/20: Easter weekend, and all the trimmings. Not sure if I'm going to my parents' house or not, since I have to sing in Delaware on Easter morning, and I'm gonna be up in NJ a few days later anyway. It would be a lot of driving (2.5 hours each way) for 4 hours of festivities. But then again, I'm driving all that way just to see my brother's play this weekend, so maybe I should just suck it up.

4/23 - 4/24: in north Jersey for project management training. Staying with my parents, which will be very cool, actually.

4/25, 4/26 - Wilmington Drama League Benefit Concert. We've been asked to prepare a few extra songs so we can do different songs both nights. I tried to diplomatically explain that most people wouldn't be willing to give up their whole weekend to hear community singers, no matter how good they are, and that I'd rather sing the same material over two nights and leave them wanting more, instead of trying to stretch it out and water it down. Alas, it ain't my show, so...

4/27:Mason Dixon Ride... a 50-mile bike tour through Delaware and Maryland. I might only do 25 miles, considering I haven't gotten on my bike since before the winter. :-( My friend Quaf (one of my dearest friends) and his wife Dela are riding.

4/30: Got a doctor's appointment in NYC. Lots of miles being put on ol' Bessie! (Why are cars always named Bessie?)

5/3: My friend Liz's baby shower in North Jersey

5/10: My coffeehouse (Knappuccino's) opens! Wheeeeeeeeee!

After that... who knows.

Gargh! June will be here before we know it!