04/06/04: searching

I just discovered the delightful homepage of Matt Hearn (bass extraordinare at the cathedral, and all around rad dude) and it's a good time. I'm thinking Matt Hearn should be one of those people who should only be addressed as "MattHearn." Either that, or some completely obscure, random thing like "Pommes Frites", "Berkowitz" or "General Custer."

Anyhoo, I stole this idea directly from his website... so I proudly introduce to you My Favorite Search Phrases People Type Into Google, etc., which Lead Them to my Site.

Some of this stuff sounds like poetry, so I'm gonna forego the spam poetry and just give you this today. (Pick up the pieces of your shattered life and move on, yo.)

aol cancellation
aol subscription cancellation
cancel aol subscription
cancel my aol subscription
cancel my subscription to aol
cancell aol
cancell aol service
cancelling aol
how to cancel my aol subscription
i can't cancel my aol account

jill open your eyes
jill and rob
jill's butt
ken and barbie get it on
LA street gang pictures
losing is your style
lyrics for eargasmic arrangements
mad scientist
making his sissy ass red
moles in weird places
my boloni has a first name
my name is satan
names of futuristic governments
names or directory of gynecologist in cyprus

face full of ass
i like my dentist
joan rivers plastic surgery
knowledge forbidden? suspicious, reasonless! why should their lord envy them that?
strong like bull
thing in 1989
we all live in a capital i
who would want to be a proctologist?
world's largest nose
23 coincidence
nose picking
nostalgia sucks canine discharge
david lee roth lights the menorah
dolphin ocarina
eight, eight, i forget what eight is for
accenture and stupid
alison baxter is my name being beautiful is my game.
barbie dream date
big racks
bike butt
bovaristic, coprolalial, dasypygal, excerebro, facinorous, gnathonic
calling after a date
cool web sites for guys who like chicks
crossing the poo-tomac

diff and duff for school
dog excrement cleaning carpet
don't move to arizona
drug store truck driving man
eating boogies
eyeball graffiti
farmer tan
female bike riders, how to keep crotch area from hurting
girlfriend criteria
hair of the century
happy frikkin birthday
hate arizona snowbirds
hello my name is satan

hey you´re late
ho daddy
holy dick head
hot girls
how did the name Bumpass VA get named
how to become a pocket bike dealer
how to wax your eyebrows
i feel like i am a pushover and that i let people walk all over me
i hate being an insurance adjuster
i hate costco
i stink
inappropriate thought process
inside the nose
poo flingers
priest torture engraving names

red lipstick moms
robert robert robert is a freako freako freako
sexy arses
shithead and basketball
strong like bull
taking retards to the zoo lyrics
the arms of vishnu
the science of farting
things that are pink
trivia for the incredibly stupid

what can i use instead of anti-perspirant
what else can i do with my drivers license
what underwear should a guy wear when riding a bike
what will my home insurance adjuster do for me?
whatever lifts your skirt
where can i find pictures of gatorade the drink
worst names for a fish