04/07/04: bizzee + poetry

Today was a busy day. Woke up to birds outside my window and giggles in my room when I pondered the phrase "dutch oven." (Planned on cooking a pot roast today using a dutch oven, so naturally someone with a 5th-grade sophistication level laughs at such things. Honest. That's why I was thinking that.)

Worked as usual in my jammies, and then adjourned to the stupid DMV for a third time in a week to get the Malibu registered... again, another failed attempt. I got there around 5:15pm (tonight is their late night to be open) along with 7652138765+i other people. When I got there, they were serving person #126, and I was #189. Since I had to be at choir rehearsal at 7pm, I knew I didn't have a chance. Either way, I stuck it out until about 6:30 and then I gave my #189 ticket to person #234 who looked at me as if I was a saint, and I got my arse to rehearsal.

I did manage to stop off to pick up a cup of coffee from the Brandywine Cafe thing on Brandywine Boulevard in Bellefonte. I had never been inside before (I've only ever eaten soup on their porch) and their inside counter arrangement was a little.. uh, counter-intuitive (hah!). Either way, I got my coffee, chatted with the nifty folks hanging out in there and got my arse to rehearskal.

Rehearsal went well-- we have a new tenor who is absolutely unreal... his name is Christian, and his voice is spot-on stellar, he's cool as crap and already I love singing with this guy. He's gonna be with us for all of the Easter services, and hopefully we won't scare him off too terribly and he'll stick around.

Right after choir I had to jet to Little Shop rehearsal; I got there just in time to run Act I the second time. It went well, despite a slight sugar-episode I had because I slugged a can of apple juice on an empty stomach, so I got the shivers and the clammies. Ick. Good thing I don't go on until the middle of Act I, so I had some recovery time without making a big deal. (Hate that.)

Came home late, ate half a tub of salsa (that fixes everything, ya know) and now I'm heading to bed. Sleep must happen. I have 89726397 reports I need to run and deliver for tomorrow by 10:00am, so I need to get some sleep so I'll be motivated in the morning.

Oh wait! As you can probably tell by my mention of salsa... yes, Jeremy just accidentally bought the wrong salsa from Trader Joe's last week, so the big horrible scare that they changed their magical formula was for naught. Life is OK. (It's more than OK, in fact.)

Oh wait, #2! I didn't even mention that Mark was here this past weekend to take me out for my birthday since he can't be here for my little par-tay. We went to the Melting Pot (yum!) and had an otherwise fun and mellow weekend. I needed that, considering it's my last free weekend until the end of June or so. Zoinks!

OK, off to bed.

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