04-07-05: waaah-mbulance

Today is kicking my ass.

The Ninja just called me to break the news that he's not coming out for my birthday. No fault of his own; he's been trying to attend/assist at this class at UCSF since he moved to San Francisco. It's a great opportunity and also his last chance at it-- the next class is happening after he's done in June. He originally wasn't supposed to go to this class, but his fellow fellow backed out for totally solid reasons forcing John to cover. It just stinks that it coincides with Jill's Birthday Weekend of Phun.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed, but with all things, I have two choices: I can be upset about it, or I can get over it. I know it's got nothing to do with me and there's nothing I can do about it. This is a fantastic opportunity for the good doc, and I'm actually pretty relieved he's getting a measly morsel of the training they promised him. I'm bummed that he's bummed about the Jill-impact. Alas, there's no sense in us being bummed-- it's just a waste of energy. So after tonight (a girl's gotta mope a little, after all), I will hereby deem myself Over It.

I will gladly accept nominations for Best Girlfriend Award, though Kathryn or Gwen have probably beaten me to it. :-)   Honorable mention, I'll take. (like Yoda, I'll talk.)

I guess what makes me the saddest is now I won't see him until the last weekend in April... so my last-minute Easter-weekend visit, which was an effort to avoid going a month without seeing him, is now almost for naught. Still not gonna see him for a month. :-(   (I know, I know, if I didn't go out easter then this would have been a two month lapse... so yes, I know it's not for naught. Just let me mope.)

By default, I am optimistic... but this afternoon, with thunderstorms a-brewin', I'm feeling the distance more than ever. It really, really, really sucks.   I hate wishing I was somewhere else all the time. I want to be closer. I want normal. I am frustrated.

On the bright side: Woohoooo! I don't have to clean my apartment!
On the bright side: If I drive up to see my parents that weekend, maybe my mom will bake me another birthday pie. :-)

In other news... work is simultaneously going better and annoying me to no end. At least there haven't been any more cries for help spoken in the language of poop-smearing. (I had nothing to do with it. I was in San Francisco.)

In still other news... I noticed my bathtub was needing to be recaulked every few months, which made me think that maybe it was getting lower and lower. This made me nervous, considering I heard my neighbor once talking about how she came home from work and found her upstairs toilet on her downstairs kitchen floor, as it had fallen through the ceiling. I opened a maintenance request and today they gutted my bathroom and reinforced the floor under my tub... rah. So tomorrow I will take a bathe in my gross shower, and dry off among the drywall dust. Then I will be ready to be be sprinkled with the Colonel's Secret Recipe and deep fried in oil to perfection. :-)

And Trainor can't come to my birthday party, and neither can John, and waah waah waaah. I just need to shut the hell up and go to sleep now.

I need a hug.

Is it just me, or have I just been a major turd-in-the-punchbowl lately?

Someone call me a waaaaah-mbulance, because I'm gonna be moping for a few.

In lieu of Fortune Teller Miracle Fish, howzabout seeing what I was doing last year?