04/13/04: random ka-blam

Totally random crap:

  • I don't know why the Vet implosion depresses the heck out of me. I think building implosions in general are just kind of depressing, so I don't think it has anything to do with the Vet, per se. I had been looking for footage of the Vet implosion for a while (admittedly, half-assedly) and today I found it. http://www.delawareonline.com/newsjournal/local/2004/03/21vet_video.html

  • Go to my cool sites page to find a link to a site that is all about implosions.

  • In other news, I have found love, and I just met her tonight, and I only know her from 8 LiveJournal postings. Go see, and fall in love yourself. Warning: it is not safe for work, or for the easily offended.

  • Sorry for the lack of Spam Poetry lately. The spammers just haven't been inspiring me.

  • Orkut rules.

  • I find myself not only missing those who are far away, but those who are closeby but hidden from view.

  • I think I need my appendix out. Either that, or I've had a charley horse in my ab muscle for 2 days. Very weird sensation... but considering I once got a charley horse in my tongue from yawning (wish it was more exciting than that...), I figure it could easily be just that, too.

  • Had a dream last night that Darren O'Neill and I were in my parents' old kitchen (orange floors and avocado appliances still intact) and one of us said something that was a line from the Cole Porter musical Anything Goes, so we immediately broke out into song and sang "It's Delovely" in its entirety, complete with orchestra playing from nowhere. We even choreographed it and giggled as we did cheezy high-school box steps and grapevines. When the song was over, we were laughing really hard, and he said, "The thing that's so funny is that we could probably just do the whole show right here in your kitchen." To which I replied, "Yeah, but we'd probably get into a big fight over who would get to play Moonface Martin." Good God, what crack did I smoke before bedtime?!

  • I have three days left to complete these tasks:

    OK. Must sleep.

    I bet you're irked that you came all this way through cyberspace to read this pearl of wisdom and insight. :-)