04/15/04: it's all good, yo

Today was supposed to be my last day at Accenture, but Ron (my boss) found me another project that will take me out to 6/30. I find out tomorrow what the project specifically requires of me, because right now I'm not really sure. I do understand that the project will impact my road trip dates though, so I am a little bummed about that, but I'm not complaining-- at least I have a job.   Though I was talking to Keith today and I came to the realization that... doy... I said I wanted to stay at Accenture because I get 5 weeks' vacation. But why am I clambering to stay if I can't take that vacation time? Ohhhmmmm.... Delayed gratification... delayed gratification... delayed gratification...

Little Shop rehearsals are going swimmingly well, and the other night I got to watch most of Act I from the audience and it looks like we have a cute little show. Matt is so damn expressive with the plant puppets, he's gonna blow you away. Seymour and Audrey are terrific, Orin is hilarious (I'm very happy they're playing him as written, meaning, he plays all of the extra roles as well... the customer, Skip Snip, Mrs. Luce, etc.), and Mr. Mushnik is awesome. It's a really fun cast, and I'm looking forward to getting into full run-throughs and really getting the rhythm of the show down with them.

In other news, my fingertips on my left hand are totally numb because I've been playing so much guitar lately. I finished my first song, and it's weird... I'd been panicking over it for such a long time, and last night I just picked up my guitar and just wrote a new melody and chord structure for it, and it just popped out. It was nuthin'! It felt really good, and I'm glad to now have one under my belt. Now I just have to get the courage to play it for Matt so he can fix it up a bit.

Anyway. The ninja has been out of town all week and doesn't get back until late Saturday night. Things in ninjaland are going well, but I do worry that I'm cruisin' for a bruisin' again. Out of respect to various folks I've not mentioned him, but Delaware is a small place, so I might as well blab a little. :-)

So here's the scoop... I met this incredible guy John a couple weeks ago after placing an Onion personal. He's unlike anyone I've ever met, friend or otherwise. He lives about a block away from me, he's a radiologist, he's frikkin' brilliant, he cracks me up, he's got this look on his face which always makes me think he's got something up his sleeve, I feel completely stupid around him which I love... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he's moving away to San Francisco in June because he accepted a killah job there right before our first date.   Hmm.   This little latter factoid makes dating him both the perfect thing for me and also the most perfectly sucky thing ever. Typical Jill wants to dive into this relationship head-first and hold nothing back and enjoy the heck out of the next two months, and Cerebral Jill wants to keep a sturdy emotional distance so I don't get totally obliterated again and spend the summer curled up and whimpering in the fetal position. My approach has been to just not think about it. What I do know is that I enjoy the time we have together very much, and when it gets closer to June I'll think more about what it means.   I can't freak out about it or dwell on it... no sense, considering I can't control it. As Jerm always says... "It is what it is, yo."   (Ok... The "yo" addition is mine... but Matt said it's OK to do that to a sentence. And Matt is a published playwright and stuff, so I trust his judgment, yo.)

I'm really psyched about my birthday this weekend. My brother's birthday is tomorrow, and he told me that he got me tickets to see Ben Folds on May 5th. ROCK! I got him the Freaks and Geeks supah-deluxe DVD box set, a show which my great friend Patty used to write for. Her voice is all over the commentary, so I can't wait to watch it. She sooo rocks.

Last night I finished a party size tub of salsa in record time... probably 20 minutes. Gee, I remember when it took me 30 to get down one of those puny ones. See? All of this training has paid off. :-)

OK. It's time for me to get my haircut. Be back later.