04/19/04: miracle fish + poetry

Most folks who know me know that my default setting is "happy."   I get joy out of very simple things, and I'm very blessed that this mindset isn't something that takes effort or a certain conscious decision to have. It just is.

Like, right now my two trees are blooming in front of my apartment, and whenever I walk outside I get so happy I could wet myself. I sleep with the windows open so I can smell that yummy thang... who cares if my allergies go nuts, it's worth it.

Anyhoo... John and I were talking the other night, and I said to him, "Dude, you add greatly to my happiness, though you are in no way responsible for it."   In retrospect, I realized there was a slight chance that that statement, specifically my lame sentence structure and choice of the word "responsible", could have been interpreted as, "You don't have anything to do with the fact that I am happy. You did not cause this happiness."   Oh no!   My intent behind that sentence was explicitly, "It is not your responsibility to make sure I'm happy. You are never to feel any pressure to maintain my happiness. Your existence greatly increases the happiness level in my life, but then again, so do hamburgers.   No pressure."   Which isn't to equate John with a hamburger. (I mean, the dude has no onions, so how could I...)   OK, I'd better stop this before I get my tires slashed.

(Which isn't to say that John is a tire slasher.)

(Not to offend any tire slashers!)

(Which isn't necessarily to say that I endorse tire slashing, but I don't want to speak out against tire slashing lest I run the risk of finding my tires slashed.)


About 10 years ago I was really good friends with this chick Jodie DiMinno, who is one of the funniest people alive. She would send me postcards completely out of the blue every few years asking if my parents still left the butter out (the Knapps are fans of the room-temperature butter-- makes toast infinitely more delightful). Anyway, Jodie gave me a Fortune Telling Miracle Fish once, and I've kept it handy for all these years, always in an easily-accessible spot to my computer.

The Fortune Telling Miracle Fish is a piece of plastic that you place on your palm, and like a mood ring, it does stuff depending on various factors.

that is not my hand, BTW

So I'm thinking in addition to the spam poetry (which I know has been lacking lately... sorry), I might make the Fortune Telling Miracle Fish a regular feature. Kinda like how on LiveJournal it says, "Mood: Jumpy" or whatever... I can let the miracle fish tell you. Because frankly, I am happy, but I think there are some other, deeper levels to what I'm feeling, and what more accurate measure of human emotion exists than a piece of fish-shaped cellophane?

Today, Fortune Telling Miracle Fish says that Jill is: Passionate. (That could also just be that I didn't wash my hands after lunch, though.)

Would you like your own Fortune Telling Miracle Fish? Click here. I think it would rule if this guy suddenly got innundated with requests, don'tcha think? :-)

Today's Spam Poetry:

Goodness cleverly meets happier balky glasses.
Undaunted, reuses blooded lashing rails!!

About artifice pithes: Sensual calories satisfied unslotted fibbing.

Separates suffocated, boron refrains abducted.

Flowchart cerebellum enemas!!
handsomer ghost inhibiting farther unlimited nightmares: staggers, quivers.