04/20/04: SO GOOD!


Last night was the sing-through with the Little Shop band, and I've got to tell you, I had wood. (Yes, I know this is impossible. Shut up.) Holy crap, everyone sounds so solid... I would have given a nard to have had my DAT equipment there so I could have taped it.

Please mark my words: I will never do a show with canned music. I understand it's often the only way community theater budgets can do musicals, and I embrace that entirely... but I'm sorry, I'm just gonna have to play the diva-card on this one. The charge I got last night out of singing with these people (I'm also recalling the total pee-my-pants-fest I had when singing through with the JCS pit band) is not something I'm willing to give up.


I have to see if I can swindle Trainor into having one more band-sing-only rehearsal sometime so I can tape it... because once you start dancing and blocking, you're invariably gonna miss something, you know?

Anyhoo, I took a bunch of pictures last night with the ol' camera phone, so here they are.

Audrey (Elisabeth Kersey)

"Closed for Renovations" (Lis Kersey, Nick Hunchak and Ray Harrington)

Mattea rocks on the bass

The super-svelte Brian Turner and his new axe

Joe Trainor, rock god (I will not make a tongue comment here, lest I suffer the wrath of Steve Weatherman.)

Lee on the keys

Our awesome chicks: Tanya Granger, TS Baynes and Ryane Studivant

Doin' their thang

Mushnik (Ray Harrington)

Orin Scrivello, DDS (Michael Gray)

Mushnik and Son

Diagonal Ray (and this is Buenos Aires)


Seymour and Audrey

Our Dentist Friend will need a dentist after he's done eating the mic :-)