04/24/04: False

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: False.   What the heck?
It says: Turns over: False.

I put the thing on my hand, and wouldn't you know it, the sucker curled up entirely and flipped right over. I even switched hands, and it did the same thing lefty. I even turned the fish back over so it would start on its other side, and it flipped over again. So yeah, there's no doubt about it. This fish feels really strongly about this.

Hmmm. "False."

Let's see what www.m-w.com has to say about this.

15 entries found for false. The first 10 are listed below.

false alarm
false arrest
false color
false imprisonment
false miterwort
false morel
false pregnancy
false rib
Main Entry: 1   false

Pronunciation:  'fols

Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): fals·er; fals·est
Etymology: Middle English fals, from Old French & Latin; Old French, from Latin falsus, from past participle of fallere to deceive

1 : not genuine <false documents> <false teeth>
2 a : intentionally untrue <false testimony> b : adjusted or made so as to deceive <false scales> <a trunk with a false bottom> c : intended or tending to mislead <a false promise>
3 : not true <false concepts>
4 a : not faithful or loyal : TREACHEROUS <a false friend> b : lacking naturalness or sincerity <false sympathy>
5 a : not essential or permanent -- used of parts of a structure that are temporary or supplemental b : fitting over a main part to strengthen it, to protect it, or to disguise its appearance <a false ceiling>
6 : inaccurate in pitch <a false note>
7 a : based on mistaken ideas <false pride> b : inconsistent with the facts <a false position> <a false sense of security>
8 : threateningly sudden or deceptive <don't make a false move>
synonym see FAITHLESS
- false·ly adverb
- false·ness noun

Does it think I'm lying about something?

Does it think I've got fake boobs?

Does it think I'm kidding myself about something, maybe?

Does it think I need to floss more so I don't get false teeth?

Does it think that someone or something else is not being geniune?


I wonder what other dime-store oracles I can consult to seek clarification... because obviously the Fortune Telling Miracle Fish isn't quite granular enough for me.

Maybe I'll run to Five Below and see what I can buy there that will point me in the right direction.

Or better yet, maybe I'll play the Radio Game. I haven't played that in a while. Maybe I'll do it while I drive to the park... ya gotta be called to do it, in a way. Can't really plan for it. It's just got to hit you that NOW is the time to play the radio game. I'm sure it's some relative who has passed on who knows the XPN play list, who is trying to give you a big ol' brick in the head. :-) (The radio game, on the off-chance I haven't mentioned it before, is when you say to yourself, "The next song that comes on the radio is going to explain everything." It can't be the song that's on as soon as you turn on the radio, it's gotta be the next song. I'm telling you, it offers amazing insight. It has never been wrong EVER.)

Anyhoozle, I got me a free day, it's beautiful out, so I'm gonna open all the windows in my apartment and get some air in here, I'm gonna go to the park to do my recycling, and maybe if there's time leftover I'll go for a bike ride.

Sounds like a plan, stan.  (Who's stan?)


(Happy birthday, Amy!)