04/25/04: car sitting

It's Sunday night and I just dropped the Ninja off. We hit the Corner Bistro for dinner and then contemplated making some fudge (that sounds like a euphemism for something... please interpret it literally) but the clock told us it was probably best just to call it a weekend and start thinking Monday thoughts.

As you might know, I sometimes like to sit in my car. I have no idea why, but every so often when I pull into my little parking spot and shut the car off, my mind gets wandering and sitting in my comfy car makes sense to me. So last night after I dropped John off, I sat in my car for about 20 minutes and just let things process. I can't even say I was thinking about anything specific, as if I was trying to work something out in my head or come to some conclusion about something. For the most part, I was the null set; just letting my mind be blank.

I know I have dedicated about 287682376 journal entries to my freako need for precious leave-me-alone-time, lest I suffer a buffer stack overflow and be hurled into a blue screen of death tizzy which can only be resolved by operating in safe mode for a week or two. (ranh!)

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    One would think being in hell-week for rehearsals and stuff would have be heading straight for this, but I think working from home and having some downtime between queue checks and report writing has helped fend this off. So I'm thinking 20 minutes of parse time in the car was all the catching up I needed. I feel much better.

    Please let the record state that John is awesome.

    Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Indifferent.   Oy, again with the indifference.

    Today's Spam Poetry:

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