04/27/04: cool, silly, fish, poetry

Cool thing of the day: Last night DoctahRob pointed me in the direction of PopBang Radio (www.popbang.com), which is power-pop streaming audio from Live365.com. He's the one who got me into The Grays, Owsley and Travis and other cool stuff, so I value his opinion as he's got great musical taste. I've been listening to it all day, and it seems like he's onto something, yo. Good stuff. They do have the occasional pop-up b!tch-box and some relatively unobtrustive music-related commercials, so no major complaints. Performance is dandy, though I am choosing to use my own MP3 player [Winamp] versus Real Audio or their own built-in player.   I imagine this will come in extra-handy during XPN fund drives.

Kinda funny thing: Their little catch-phrase for popbang.com is something like "Modern Pop That Just Doesn't Suck." This reminds me of my old college radio station (WMSC 101.5 / 90.1 FM!) and how our motto circa 1995 was "We Don't Suck." We had T-shirts made, and on the front was the WMSC logo, and on the back was "We Don't Suck" translated into about 10 different languages. There was this guy from Greece who would occasionally hang out on my radio show (The Cellular Toaster), and we asked him to translate "We Don't Suck" into Greek. He deliberated for a while and finally jotted down a bunch of greek characters and we printed them on the shirt along with the rest of the translations. Only later did we find out that there really is no phrase like "We Don't Suck" in Greek, so our shirts said, "We Don't Give Blowjobs."   :-)

Hey cool, they're playing Owsley right now. Word!

After yesterday's heavy-duty post, how about something silly?

Which word is funnier?
Corn Fudge

More silliness:   Have you heard Cheesecake Truck by King Missile? (This version has a station ID in the middle of it, sorry about that.)

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Passionate.   Well, yeah, I guess I'm a passionate kind of chick in general. Passionate about food, mostly. (Went to Trader Joe's yesterday and stocked up on chips and salsa [4 tubs, dude](No offense to people. I just really like food, yo.))

Today's Spam Poetry:

Original stuffing monsoon, vehemently relocated unobserved.
Slightly trapezoid Erskine courtrooms coining pneumatic rioted errors.

Vicious Farrell makes Jacques incapable [of] hilarious query.

Latching kindled.