Danny Allocca's Birthday

Danny Allocca was this dude I went to grammar school with. He moved away in like 5th grade or something. I haven't seen or heard anything about him since then. Why do I remember that his birthday is April 30th?

I can't remember to take out my recycling or to pay my cable bill on time, but I sure know Danny Allocca's birthday!

I wonder if some random person from 3rd grade sits home and thinks, "Why do I remember Jill Knapp's shoe size?"

Anyhoo, I was at Accenture's Florham Park, NJ office last week for project management training. My parents live in the next town over, so I just slept there instead of getting a hotel. The training lasted two days. On my first day of training (my true love said to me... sorry), my right wrist was kind of achy. It got progressively worse throughout the day, but I just ignored it figuring I had slept on it funny. The next day it was much worse and I could hardly bend it. I had no idea what I'd done, but it was really painful and just really strange. When I got back to Delaware I went to the doctor who poked around a bit and determined that I had dislocated some of the teeny bones in my wrist. I got an ultrasound of my wrist and it confirmed it. I was prescribed a few visits to a chiropractor to chuck it back into place, and to wear a doofy wrist brace for a week or two. It's all better now (well, 99% better), and I'm glad to have it behind me.

What else can I fill you in on... oh yeah! On April 17th I turned 32. I had to sing at church that night since it was Maundy Thursday, but I met some pals at Stanley's and had some nachos and a drink. I really like that place-- it's comfy and just so unpretentious, and the kitchen is open until 1am. Woohooo!

Anyhoo, I know during my last update I was wondering what my pals had planned for the 13th, which was when I was told we'd be doing something. Alas, I was wrong-- it wasn't a group thing, but an amazingly fun, kick-arse, most-excellent, decadent feast for the senses thanks to Chris. We went to The Pod for dinner (mmmlrrmm... got the wasabi-encrusted filet mignon with wasabi mashed potatoes, and some super-yummy chocolate extravaganza dessert) and then we went to see The Tallis Scholars in Philly at UPenn. How fargin' cool is THAT??! The concert was absolute perfection (come to think of it, so was dinner!), and I cried like a schoolgirl at the sheer eargasm of it all. Holy cow, are those folks amazing. Man-o-day.

Thanks, Chrizzle Turnizzle... and thanks to my friends who serve as constant indicators as to how good I've got it. Love you!