05/01/04: Real quick

Real quick, as it's late:

Little Shop of Horrors opened this weekend and it rocked. I love this show, I love this cast, I love this production staff, I love the crew, I love the band. Come see the show, yo.

Tomorrow morning I have church bright and early, I'm grabbing brunch with Steve and John at The Wyndham (beugh! foofee-doo!), and then I've got the show at 2pm for which my folks are driving down from NJ to see. Afterwards I'll grab a bite to eat with them, and then I'm leaving on a jet plane to go to Minneapolis with Jeremy to help him out with some stuff there. Busy!

I'm very happy things are feeling a little smoother with the 'izzle, dizzle.

I read the weather forecast for Minneapolis, and tonight there's a chance of snow. The high is 60-something, which I suppose isn't that bad. Methinks I'll pack me some sweaters.

Ninja: Full of folly, though he is a busy bee. He uses manners.

Blue Parrot Grill on 6th and Union - pretty tasty, yo, if you like the Cajun thang.

Was a beautiful day today.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Fickle.   Hmmm. Must ponder this.

OK, because I'm a lame-o and don't have time to be creative, I'll let you guys take a crack at the spam poetry. I'll give you the raw data and you can feel free to mess with it in the Comments section below.   The rules are as follows:

Today's Spam Poetry (raw data only):

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