05/07/04: I poured my heart out; it evaporated

Today is Friday (wheee!) and it's been a roller-coaster-goodness couple days, yo.

At last writing, I was trying to to find a taker for the extra Ben Folds ticket we had for Wednesday night. After placing several calls to friends and cow-orkers, we turned up empty... not that big a deal, really. Anyhoo, I saw John in the afternoon and I was internally lamenting the fact that we weren't gonna see very much of each other, if at all, between that moment and next weekend because he's gonna be out of town for one last review course before the big test... so I was just trying to make the most out of that moment or two. He made a phone call and asked if someone could take over a night shift he had, and when I asked why he did that, he said so he could get more study time in and be fresh for his early call the next morning. Sounded right, so I instantly forgot about it. (That's my MO, BTW. Promptly forget all new data that checks out. This is why I forget movies and I forget most daily interactions, but only remember the stuff I get emotionally involved in... and even those I tend to forget. Early onset Alzheimer's, or just radical meta overthinking taking up too many processing cycles? Film at 11.) Anyhoozle, so it was getting to be about the time when I had to leave, and John asked if I would be happier if he was going, and I said, "Of course, but I understand reality, yo." and with that, he got this big ol' grin and said that he wanted the extra ticket. Gaah! Dude, I was SO excited, I just about wet myself! La la la! I have the best boyfriend ever!!

So we had ourselves a nice little traveling adventure... drove to Princeton Junction to pick up the NJ Transit train for 9 bucks and got to NYPenn in just over an hour. I'd never taken NJT before, but it proved pretty painless. Kiosks were handy, train station guy was helpful, and all around it was delightful. We experienced a way-cool thing (WCT) as we sat on the platform waiting for the train when an Acela train zoomed by at 871263876+i miles per hour...I sweartagahd, I thought we were gonna get sucked off the platform and vacuumed into the negative pressure void of hell that this sucker produced. It was absolutely thrilling. Another Acela train shot by a few minutes later, and the effect was almost as staggering, but this train was on the middle track, as opposed to the first one which was on the closest track. Either way, totally, totally impressive and scary and just way cool.

Speaking of way cool, I've been on a little King Missile kick lately, and I just now realized that King Missile are the dudes who do Jesus Was Way Cool. We used to play that on our radio show all the time, but I guess I just never remembered the artiste. Brian Jude would be proud.

My god, I miss doing college radio. I keep hearing rumors (though have done nothing to confirm or disprove the accuracy of same) that UDEL lets civvies take radio slots during college breaks when they don't have enough student DJs to fill the schedule. Dude. If that's true, I have got to do it. How hard would that rock?

Anyway, we met my brother at Penn Station and hopped a cab to the Bowery Ballroom, which I've gotta say, that there is a club I could really see myself hanging out at in above within around around around around over under through. Good vibes, good drinks, good peepz (though that could be because the clientele were there to see Ben Folds, which I imagine are generally good peepz. On a night that, say, Creed is playing, I think I'd want to set myself on fire).

How was the show, you ask?

I answer thusly:


That's about all you need... but I will add this one anecdote: So Ben played a totally solo show-- just him and a pianer. When he played his old Ben Folds Five stuff, he naturally had no Darren or Robert to give him the madd backup vocals he needed... good thing he had an audience full of good singers who understood basic music theory. For "Underground", the audience sang all three parts spot on, and on "Not the Same" (amazing song) he split the place up into three parts and said, "OK. If you have a lower voice, you're gonna start out on the tonic and go up to the third. If you've got a higher voice, start on the 5th and slide to the dominant 7th..." etc. And the thing is, not many people flinched at this, they were like, "OK, dominant 7th, no problem. Just a little minor third there. Check."   And On "Army," he divided the audience into low brass and trumpets for the big brass break in the middle, and it frikkin' rocked. He also played "Give Judy My Notice" and I damn near lost it.

Anyhoozle, Ben did an encore of some song which I can't remember but do recall having a huge wide-on over the fact that he was doing it, Evaporated and The Luckiest. Anyhoo, we were running a tad bit late to catch the trains, but when Ben played those two songs, we decided to stay. Alas, I misinterpreted my brother's head gesture when The Luckiest came on, and I thought he meant "stay for this one, yo" but he really meant, "we gotta go, yo." So we hoofed it outside, grabbbed a cab and got to Penn in time for Jeff to make his train back to Denville, and sadly not in time to get ours back to Princeton. So John and I had an hour to kill, and it was almost midnight at that point. We were starving so we walked across the street through some movie set to Sbarro (shut up, they were open) and grabbed a slice of spinach garlic yumminess. We hopped the 12:42 train, got down to Princeton around 2-ish, and got back to Smellaware around 3:30. It was so damn foggy out for most of the ride... it's a good thing I know 295 so well.

For the record, I love my new car.

Thursday day I napped a lot between meetings and then did Little Shop at night. The show was ehhh... we had no energy and the pace was all screwy. The sound wasn't right, Joe's piano wasn't on when the show started, so the poor guy was playing the opening chords of the show and nothing was happening... we all just looked at each other like, "ohmygodwhatdowedowhatdowedowhatdowedo!?" We were also dropping stuff backstage, and people just generally weren't "on." It felt more like a pickup rehearsal than an actual show, and thankfully the season finale of Friends kept lots of people home. (I can't believe I typed that.) I wished it had kept christurner home so he could have seen the show on a night it didn't stink. Anyway, tonight Jeremy and pals are coming, so we have to kick ass tonight. I'm gonna get there early and spend 32 years doing a mic check so we can get the sound right.

Anyway, I was recently encouraged to take yet another online personality quiz. Gotta say, this bizzle is slappy-happy-accurate. Hmmm, maybe the whole answering honestly bit really does help produce semi-correct results. (ha). I swear, I really do work while I work from home. So here's me: Mouse over each link on that there page there for a teeny bit more insight. I was impressed... ya know, in as much as one can be impressed with these things.

OK, I've gotta jet. I have a meeting with the old company today at 1:30 (we moved it from Wednesday) so I can hear what these folks have to say. I'll check back in later and give you the update, so keep your eyes peeled.

Knapp out.

Knapp in.

4:30ish:   I just got back from the old company there, and let's just say they've put out a very attractive offer. The position is right up my alley, it's 3 minutes from my apartment (yay-- bike to work!). Alas, I'm not getting excited or interested until I see an offer letter and job description, but going from meeting with my would-be manager, it would be a good fit. Our styles are very similar and there was instant rapport, so I know we'd work together very well. So we'll see.

OK, off to go do the show. Jerm, Edmundsen, and Klein and Co. are coming tonight-- woohoooooo!

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Passionate, In Love and False.   I dunno. I'm gonna chalk that one up to drinking too much coffee or something. :-)