05-13-03: Random update.

Tonight was one of these great nights where I got so much done- it felt really good.

My place has been a total fargin' disaster area as of late... I just go through these phases where I can't seem to find 10 minutes to straighten up. I mean, it's not *dirty*, just cluttered, you know? Anyway, my reinemachenfraus come every other Thursday, so at the very least, I'm forced to straighten up for them every 2 weeks or so.

Anyway, I find that when my living space is cluttered, my brain is cluttered, too. My home just stresses me out as opposed to offering me a quiet haven to rest my weary bones; so it's in my best interest to keep it decent. I promised myself I'd take some time each week to go through my old clothes and put them into piles... stuff to consign, fun stuff to mail to Danielle (or even give back to Danielle!), stuff to simply toss. I used to be really attached to my old T-shirts and such, but how many dumpy nightshirts does someone need taking up drawer space? So I'm saving my favorite old T-shirts and finding homes for the rest. Last night I dumped out almost all of the drawers in my bureau and rearranged them... I have two drawers left and then I'll be totally done with that. It feels soooooooooooooooooo much better!

I also did laundry last night. My apartment doesn't have a washer/dryer in my unit, so I have to schlep my laundry to the laundromat in the complex. Sometimes I hate this fact, and other times it's pretty cool because I can do 87 loads in one shot using their triple-loaders. Anyhoo, so while I was doing my laundry, the TV in the laundry room was broken and frozen on professional wrestling on TNN. I couldn't turn off the TV, I couldn't change the channel and I couldn't even mute it... it was my living hell. :-)

Anyhoo, so I picked up my laundry from the dryer at like 10:30 and pulled in front of my apartment, and some of you may recall that sometimes I like to sit in my car for a minute to relax... and the next thing I know, an hour and 15 minutes has past because I just conked out sitting in front of my apartment in my car. Ha! I had chugged a pepsi beforehand, so I'm not sure if it was a sugar reaction or just my body's way of saying, "Yo Knapp! You're tired!" I'm 99% positive it's the latter because I didn't feel spacey at all. Ah, yes.

Have you ever had those Amy's Organic frozen pizza pocket things? My god, they are a little slice of heaven. So very simple, and 14 grams of protein. Rah rah rah! I ate two. Don't tell anyone, OK?

Speaking of food, I've had a major hankerin' for Rice Krispie Treats. I bought the fixins the other day, so I might just have to suck it up and make a batch. Can't think of the last time I made those...

OH YEAH! How did I forget to write an update about Knappuccino's??? Duh! It went swimmingly well. We had close to 40 people there-- not bad for Mother's Day Weekend with almost zero advertising. After paying for the space and the food/coffee, I made a couple bucks which the performers wouldn't let me give them. They suggested that I keep the cash and spend it on advertising for next month's coffeehouse. Woohoooo! I think I'm gonna have coffee mugs made that I can sell at the thing. I'm also gonna post pictures and MP3s from the event to the website as soon as I get my new soundcard (Soundblaster Extigy... I love USB, baby). I just can't get over how smoothly everything went that night-- how much the audience loved it, how funky the space turned out, how great everyone sounded... it really couldn't have been more perfect. I do want to tweak some small things for the next event, but they're pretty minimal, so it should be no biggie at all. Anyway, once I get the MP3s of the night made, the performers are gonna pick out their favorite 4 or 5 cuts and I'm gonna make CDs to sell at the next event. This is WAY too much fun!

I'm dying to see A Mighty Wind. I heard the soundtrack at my brother's house last weekend and it's absolutely brilliant. I love those guys...

Anyhoo, I have a fun weekend coming up. Chris and Brian are singing in a recital on Friday night, so I'm going to that. Then on Saturday I'm going with them and some friends and respective significant others to La Viola in Philly for dinner and then off to Comedy Sportz. Sunday I'm singing at a funky choral concert with my awesome church choir in Dover.

What else... I won $500 in Atlantic City on Mother's Day... Chris and I went to hang with my mom in AC and we cleaned up shop on roulette. Yay!

OK. I'm off to Culinaria for dinner... I've been itchy for their mashed potatoes. Mmmmm, carbs...