05/14/04: disturbance in the force


I sense a disturbance in the force.

My spidey-sense is freakin' out, yo. The worst part about it is that I can't put my finger on where or what it is. I can't tell if it's familial, work-related, health-related, some weird friend vibes, someone being unkind or dishonest, if I'm forgetting to do something really important, if I forgot to pay a bill, global stress or what, but something is up and I'll be damned if I can zero in on it.   Blargh!

Oh well. Until something materializes and taps me on the shoulder, I'm gonna ignore it. It could just be that my sensors need recalibration. So whup-BAM, consider it ignored.

I can't believe this is closing weekend of Little Shop of Horrors. It's been a really fun show, though much different than other plays I've done. Because this isn't community theater, there's an air of professionalism which translates into distance (for lack of a better word). In community theater, people do the show for the comraderie I think, where here, it's a bunch of actors doing a gig. Which isn't to say that the awesome folks involved haven't been fun, warm or friendly or rockin' the house, because they totally have. I guess I'm just used to hangin' out with the cast and crew a bit more. I'm going to be sad when it's over, but also happy to have my weekends back. I miss my Sunday Corner Bistro brunches with Darryl and Matt! Hopefully this Sunday we can get back to our regularly scheduled program.

My workizzle peepz came to the show last night and they seemed to enjoy it. The show was a typical Thursday night show... lackluster and bumpy with some technical difficulties, but overall it went well I think.

After the show, Trainor and I went to the Castle and got some caffeine and food. Dude, I just totally love Joe Trainor. I think we were separated at birth or something. The guy is full of insight, wisdom and comedy, and all of these come from his amazing perception skills. Nothing gets by him at all. He said something really cool last night which made my little ant-man sing... I was telling him about this interesting observation John had about NYC, and how a totally important new fateful person could be standing 20 feet from you but you'd never meet them because there are eleventy billion people standing between you and that person 20 feet away. And Joe said, "Yeah, or they could be standing 10 feet over your head on top of a piece of wood." (He was referring to how he played piano in the pit for Jesus Christ Superstar last year and how I was on the stage above him, and how we hardly acknowledged each other until months after the show closed.)

City Theater is doing BatBoy later this year-- it opens Halloween weekend, and I've been, er, encouraged to audition for that. It's a musical, and it's totally silly and campy, which is what I like. Supposedly Joe and the Fertilizers (our Little Shop pit band-- tee hee) is doing the music again, so it will rock entirely. Anyway, I can't believe I've tricked people into thinking I can act. Christurner gets on my case all the time about how I should stop saying I can't... but dude, I know me. You want an actor? Georgie Staley is a frikkin' actor.. she ROCKS. She totally understands the craft, she executes it with style, grace and professionalism, she knows what's what and she's entirely convincing and committed. Georgie Staley is an actor. I am soooo not. And I'm comfy with that.

City Theater also recently held auditions for their 10-minute play festival; I didn't pay attention to the audition dates or anything considering actors do 10-minute play festivals, not hacks like me. So it's been brought to my attention that someone was bummed I didn't audition for the festival and that I should call said individual and schedule a time to see him. The festival is in July, so I need to see when rehearsals would be if I got in, only because I've got to get this road trip hammered out, and the new job (should I choose to take it) would be starting around then.

Speaking of the road trip, I'm totally wonked out on what to do, here. I have so many variables to consider and no concrete information from external parties, so soon I'm just gonna design something and go with it. I've got less than a month until I drive away, so a plan is really becoming crucial now.


  • Part of the thrill of this roadtrip for me was that I am planning on doing a large portion of it alone. I want to see what it feels like to take my time and see the things only I want to see; and I need time to do my own thing and clear my head... a little Eriksonian psychosocial moratorium if you will. I'll be happy if I can do 6 or 7 days solo.
  • My dad has been to 49 of the 50 states, with North Dakota being the last one to chalk off. North Dakota will be my 49th state (he did Alaska a few years ago and I didn't), so we thought it would rock to hit it together. Coordinating that-- whether he flies to North Dakota and I pick him up, or if he drives out to North Dakota with me and flies home so I can have some solo time-- is still in debate.
  • Doctah Rob and I giddily talked about meeting up at the Cosmos Mystery Spot in South Dakota since he's got a road trip planned for this summer as well. No idea if this is reality (or smart, for that matter).
  • The Ninja is moving to San Fransisco and I'm not sure if he's requesting company/assistance for the migration.
  • Jeff and Deb will be out this way doing an east coast road trip in June or July, so I want to coordinate with them so we can meet up!

    You know, I was just thinking about my spidey-sense thing from above there. Maybe I'm just feeling wackiness because I have a really big to-do list right now. Granted, they're all silly little things that I could knock out quickly, but when floating around disorganized in my brain, they sound more daunting. So lemme write them out. (Feel free to ignore this.)

  • Write cast and crew cards.
  • Get a jumpstart for my Lumina which is still sitting in my parking space, but now with a dead battery. Drive it around to charge said batt'ry and drive it to some car dealership and get a few bucks for it or donate it. I need to get it gone so I can stop paying bare-minimum insurance (only $350 a year, but still it's $350 I'd rather spend on something else).
  • Mail out my mom's Mother's Day gift which I forgot to give her when she was here to visit 2 weeks ago. It's wrapped and ready to go, I just need to bring it to the post office.
  • Mail out the CD of the December Cappella Sonora concert to Anna in California. Again, takes 2 seconds as the CD is burned and ready to go.
  • Burn CDs of the Barbershop Kurtet as I'm seeing them tonight at Little Shop and they want their CDs.
  • Burn Georgie a copy of her performance in The Vagina Monologues... this would free up a gig of hard drive space for me, too.
  • Buy an IDE drive from Tiger Direct and then buy an external USB2 case for it. I'm out of disk space.
  • Burn CDs from the March and April Knappuccino's... I can't believe I'm 2 months behind. Blagh!
  • Get the raw .wav of the Little Shop performance from Jerm and make cast CDs for everyone.
  • Fill my bike tires up; they are soft.
  • Get an oil change for the Malibu.
  • Get to the stupid gym; my little workout tape isn't enough anymore. I'm feeling gooshy.
  • Sort through my closet and get rid of all of my large clothes; either donate them, consign them or something. I want 'em out.
  • Send my cousin Eva a Babies R Us gift certificate for the latest addition to the family
  • Email my cousin Brooks to see how he's doing... haven't talked to him in forever.
  • Donate/Consign my extra pots and pans to the Next to New Shop at the Cathedral.
  • Ping Jeff Davey and say hello; it's been too long!
  • Figure out the exact details surrounding Balticon, plus Danielle's visit, Sandler's meeting and John's schedule.
  • Call my doctor and see if I can get a prescription for Claritin or Allegra instead of buying the OTC version of Claritin. Shyte rocks, but it's pricey.
  • Ask my apartment complex manager what humane options exist to evacuate the zoo in my ceiling. It will only be a matter of time before the squirrels and birds chew/poke through the teeny membrane of plastic that prevents our worlds from intersecting. As much as I totally love to hear them poking around up there, I don't want a bedroom full of squirrel mites and bird poop come the day.
  • Go to Labcorp and get my bloodwork done; I'm about 8 months overdue.

    Hey, so Jeremy just called me a moment ago and said, "You need to spend your lunch hour at the Rite Aid on Marsh and Silverside. There's a veteran there selling those poppy things, and you MUST go hear this guy's story. It's one of those amazing human things that you, of all people, will eat up." Okay then! I'm gonna go hop in the shower, eat some lunch here, and get over there. I'll letcha know what I learn.

    Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Passionate.   Hhuhhuhuhuhuh, cool.