05/17/04: a look ahead, a look behind

[] Little Shop of Horrors closed this weekend. My brother and Brian Marshall came to see Saturday's matinee, and it rocked to have them there. I'm bummed I didn't get to spend more time with them after the show; we had a cast photo call and a planned dinner thing, so it wasn't in the ol' cards. Weh! I'm very happy they got to see the show, though. Friday night about 5 people from the cathedral choir came, and they loved it... and Sunday at church I had random people coming up and whispering "FEED ME" in my ear. Oh well, par for the course, I guess. :-)

[] My left nostril is snurky, my left gland is trying to escape the evil clutches of my body through my neck, and my left eyeball is leaking. It's either a cold, or I have one huge piece of pollen lodged somewhere in the recesses of the left side of my skull. I have noticed over the past few years (most recent Christmas cold definitely excluded) that I don't really get sick anymore... I get almost sick. I get all the pre-cold warning symptoms, my body and brain brace for impact and then *poof*, the cold never strikes. Go figure.

[] I have a new favorite local band; they're called B'Gosh. It's just two dudes; I think they're like 18. They are AWESOME. I will find a way to book them at Knappuccino's. Oh yes.

[] It's annual review time in Accentureland, and this means that I need to write reviews for my teammates and write the always-fun self-assessment. I think I'm just gonna type, "I rule," and see how that goes over. I have to get these done by Friday, though I'm feeling rather verbose today, so I'll probably try to knock a few out this afternoon.

I had the best day yesterday and today. Sang at church in the morning, picked up John and we went to brunch with Darryl, Matt, Wally, Peggy and Linda. It was a really good time. Afterwards we went back to John's place and hung out for a few and adjourned to the Foulk Library where he studied and I read some magazines. We sat outside and it was just totally delightful, kamikaze bug attack and all. :-) After library time we went to Scrimmages for some hot burger action and pinball. We played tandem and got multiball, and he popped that sucker once, too. It rocked, and I think we went up a few notches in each other's respective little book there. Later on (thanks to Chris Ghiorzi), we wet our pants over that GI Joe site thing (#1 and #5 are my favorites). Eventually I dropped him back off at home so he could get his beauty sleep... 7:00am review comes way early. Anyway, we ended the day beamy-happy, and that was a really great feeling.

For a few weeks now I've had about 650 metric tons of Scharfen-Berger chocolate in my apartment, and we decided that tonight would be the night it gets turned into chocolately, magical fudge. John and I have been trying to find 2 hours to make this stuff for weeks now.   So he came over and I cooked dinner and we did the fudge thing. I don't think it came out right... the chocolate seized 3/4 of the way through the melting process, so I think I need a different pot in which to melt it in. Anyway, tonight was also really full of wonderful connecty goodness... though I almost knocked down the tower of cards by inadvertently broaching the topic of how his leaving will suck... though I believe remediation efforts were as successful as they could have been. Enough of that. It doesn't exist until June. It doesn't exist until June.   :-)

Fun news: Tonight I thought I had choir rehearsal in preparation for Ascension Thursday this Thursday (doy), and I felt really bad when I realized I had double-booked and invited John over for dinner, too. So I decided I would blow off choir (what a rebel!). Anyway, just now I was digging through some papers on my desk when I noticed a letter from Darryl which shows the latest choir schedule, and he canceled rehearsal for tonight. Yay! That's the best thing... thinking you're playing hooky so you get a little charge, and then you get the relief of guilt absolution too. It's a win-win, yo!

Proof that I am in 5th grade and will never mature:   When I am asked, "So, do you wanna make some fudge?" I am reduced to a gelatinous ball of snickering and schnotting. Ah, maturity. How the heck am I ever gonna be a musical role model for kids someday? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Speaking of kids...

I was asked yesterday what I thought about the whole getting married and having kids thing. I'm pretty sure I've posted about this before (yep, found it... 11-03-03 - definitely listen to the mp3 there), and in the months since I wrote that thing my thoughts are no more solidified. I often wonder if I'm too selfish to be a mom because I value my Jill-time too much (Jeremy's mom suggests I hire a nanny). Part of me doesn't want to have to spend 18+ years sneaking around with my own husband trying to find a time and place to get busy, or having to plan a dinner and a movie date weeks in advance. I suppose those together-times are made more special or something when they are few and far between... and duh, I totally understand that relationships aren't just about dooking, but ya know. I think you see where I'm at.

Anyway, I'm not gonna rehash what I've already posted. Sure, I have new examples and supporting evidence for both sides of the argument, but the sentiments and bullet points are the same:

  • I would love to get married some day because I like the idea of having a partner in crime. I want to be reliable for someone. I don't need to be married for financial stability or anything else; but I think it would just be cool to not have to worry about getting dumped tomorrow. :) I don't have it in me to be one of those raggy overbearing 'no you can't see your friends' wives. Being married should be a treat, not a frikkin' sentence.
  • Screaming kids make my ovaries shrivel. Deeming a guy worthy of me tolerating screaming kids is not out of the realm of possibility, but dude, he's gotta seriously rock.

    So that's my schpiel.

    In other news, if I don't get to a Blue Rocks game soon, there's gonna be trouble. I partially blame Moskowitz for this because he didn't buy me season tickets for my birthday this year. (Gotta blame someone, yo. Can't possibly be me or my schedule.)

    Anyway, to celebrate the season, I'm hoping you'll post in the comments section your favorite thing to yell at baseball games. Some of my favorites:

  • Pitcher's got a big butt!
  • We want a pitcher, not a belly-itcher!
  • Hey Blue! 1-800-CONTACTS!
  • Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue Rockssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss souvenirs, baseballs, minibats and I've got a MONKEY around my neck!

    Only in the minors ....

    Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Fickle.   Ha! Ya think!?