05/18/04: break on through to the other side

So I'm sitting here at my computer minding my own business, and I'm seranaded by the chattery rumply sounds of the squirrels and birds that live in my ceiling/attic thing... when suddenly bark starts to rain down on my computer equipment.


I couldn't believe it... these dudes had finally burrowed their way through the insulation and whatever else is up there. Who knows, maybe they wanted to play with my audio gear. :-)

Anyway, I called the nice maintenance people here, and they said they'll have someone out first thing in the morning, and that they'll set humane traps and let the squirrels go in Belleview State Park. Sweet deal, yo. Maybe if I burrow in someone's ceiling they'll move me to the Bahamas or something.

Not much else to report. Still haven't heard re: the big job offer in Wilmington, though today another sweet deal was tossed my direction in Accenture-land... alas, a major relocation would be necessary. Debating whether I want to apply for it or not, because I know I'll pretty much get it if I apply. It would be a nice chunk of change though... and I could start the Knappuccino's franchise... haha...

Wow... the maintenance guy just got here... super-fast! He took one look around and said, "Oh boy, I'm gonna have to call Bill for this one."


This is a job for ................. BILL!

What's that in the clouds? Why it's the Village at Fox Point's Bill Light!

Ferocious ceiling-burrowing squirrels are no match for Bill's Incredible Squirrel-fighting super powers!

SEE Bill as he shoos the man-eating squirrels away!

WATCH the squirrels scamper away in terror!

FEEL your adrenaline scream through your veins as he repairs the torn air ventilation duct!

HEAR Jill sneeze as squirrel dander is evenly distributed through her apartment's cooling system!

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Indifferent.   Whee!