05/19/04: dreaming

I had weird dreams last night. Some of which included:

  • I was on a sailboat and was worried that the boom was gonna bonk me in the head every time it came about
  • There were bugs crawling out my closet into my bedroom, and I was praying they didn't know how to climb up the comforter onto my bed.
  • I received an aesthectially pleasing birth announcement from an old boyfriend. It was orange and yellow and featured an EXTREME close-up of his face on the left side of the thing... which is funny, considering I haven't seen him in 11 years so I don't know what he looks like now
  • I was trying to explain myself (can't recall the topic) to someone, desperately struggling to make my point understood and moreover believed, and even though the person was nodding in agreement, I knew I wasn't getting through. So I re-explained and re-explained and started getting really upset because I just knew it wasn't sinking in. I felt like I was drowning.
  • There were lots of little yellow birds on my doorstep making little yellow birdie sounds, and they made me super-happy.

    You know, I'm considering switching my webjournal thing over to LiveJournal, or at the very least, the private stuff. I don't know whose security I trust more... LiveJournal's or my own. Thoughts?

    I've been waiting all day for the Bill the Squirrel and Air Duct Guy to come here and do his evil bidding in my closet/attic. I've been wanting to take a shower since 8am this morning, but I fear that as soon as I get nekkid the guys are gonna come and I'll be stranded in my bathroom until they leave. Planning ahead, like, bringing clean clothes into the bathroom with me so I could get changed in there certainly isn't an option.   :-p

    Anyhoo, in preparation for Bill the Squirrel and Air Duct Guy, I've emptied the entire contents of my closet onto my bed. If I was smart, instead of putting this crap back in my closet later, I will just sort through it all and put it in my car and dump it off somewhere. I'm tired of looking at it. Purge. Simplify. Reduce. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    I'm very excited to be getting cow with Jerm tonight. He wants to go to the Outback, and I'm jonesin' for Harry's. Outback is just too loud... I need mellooooooooooooooooooooooow, yo.

    I'm totally digging on all this rain we've been getting. It smells good, it feels good, I like walking and running around in it, and it sounds great, especially with a smattering of thunder. I love to sit in my parked car when it's raining really hard, like if I'm just getting home from somewhere. The patter of the rain hitting the hard surfaces all around me is one of the best sounds ever.

    My Accenture boss emailed me today with a new project I can work on, thus dragging out this working from home stint for a while longer. This current queue-monitoring project I'm on now would probably only be lasting a few more weeks, so having this extra thing to do will kick it out another month beyond that, at least. This new thing isn't the same thing as the relocate-to-Austin gigs that were kicked my way on Monday afternoon, which are not the same as the Texas gig that was floating around a few months ago. Texas is a big place. Lots of jobs in Accenture-land, apparently.

    Still no news from the old company.

    OK, I'm gonna gamble here and jump in the shower. I'll letcha know if Bill sees my hiney.

    Well, I got in the shower OK, but upon my shower exit there was a different hew-mon at my door. Luckily he was feeling patient and waited for me to dry off and get presentable. It was during work hours, after all. Anyway, I asked the big boss if he'd watch my queue from 4pm - 5pm so I could "take care of some stuff" and he said sure, so I went to Chez Ninja so I wouldn't have to interface with Bill and the squirrel debris once that happened.

    Had an awesome time with John this afternoon at his place... again, a very connecty magical thing. Talked about Big Important Life Stuff while wearing a fuzzy ladybug hat. Smiles, singing, all-over goodness everywhere. We were jamming to Wilco and the song "I'm the Man Who Loves You" came on, and we were rockin' out. John looked at me and said, "Jill, are you the man who loves me?" and I had no idea what to say. Was he busting my chops and calling me a man, or was he trying to get sentimental and gauge my ya know, feelings and stuff? So I just chose to be non-committal (I mean, I couldn't actually let him know how hard I'm falling for him, right?) and said, "Well, yeah, absolutely!" So that way he doesn't know what exactly I was saying "yeah" to... the man part, or the love part. Oooooh, I'm so trickkkkay.

    Left the Ninja's and went to get some cow with Jeremy, which was delightful all around. Good food, good wine, good yap, good advice, good laughs, good friend. :-) By the time I got home around 9:30 I saw a note on my apartment door from Bill saying that he "put two squirrel bombs in the apartment; one in the attic and one in the closet." A squirrel bomb, I just learned, is a super-intense cedar-smelling tamale-like thing that squirrels hate but humans just can't resist.   Now my apartment smells like a Habitrail. But hey, at least I don't have squirrel bits infiltrating my DAT stuff.

    Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: a necrophiliac?! (We've got a slightly moving head and tail which signifies "In Love," but then it just stops moving completely, which reads, "Dead One.")   I'm not sure how I feel about this. :-D