May. 28th, 2004|12:21 pm: more squirrel

I never found the squirrel in my apartment last night. This morning I went downstairs and found the food we'd left out for him went untouched. I went back upstairs to run one of 872634 conference calls today... went back downstairs afterwards and the food has been munched a bit. So this means he's around. Evidence shows that squirrels prefer Pepperidge Farms Raspberry Milanos to almonds and walnuts. Damn, maybe he's getting comfy with mah phat human lyfestyle, yo. (I'll charge that f-er rent, don't you doubt it.)

Anyhoozle, I spent about 30 minutes with the front door wide open, hoping he'd just saunter out, but alas, no such luck.

The maintenance assclowns who were supposed to be here at 8:30 this morning have not shown up yet. I have Danielle flying in from Arizona to see me, and I can't begin to clean my apartment until these guys finish their bidness. Gergk.

In other news: how cool is this?   NYC gets a centerline sunset today-- one of two days of the year where this happens.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Indifferent.