05/30/04: squirrel b gone

We went to Baltimore yesterday to meet Jeremy, Brett, Boutell, Shelle, Elsner, Hamlet. Also met Tarka and his chicka there. In my car was Danielle, Sandler and Alisa. A good time was had by all. While neither my car's passengers (nor I) went to the con proper with the rest of the aforementioned folks, we hung out at the inner harbor for a little while, listened to some a cappella group who had the BEST vocal percussionist I have ever heard (normally vocal percussion annoys me), ate some Indian goodness for dinner and then enjoyed a nice They Might Be Giants outdoor free concert thing. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was a rockin' day.

Returned home to a tragically trashed apartment thanks to this f-ing squirrel. Good thing I have renter's insurance. What burns me arse is that these apartment folks know about the squirrel and were supposed to have this thing out on FRIDAY. Argh!

This morning I dropped Danielle off at the train station and then I did the church thang. I came home, went to my apartment's leasing office and gave them a friendly but very firm what-fer, and wouldn't you know it, a squirrel trap was set within hours.

So thanks to not-so-modern technology, the squirrel was returned to his natural habitat. John (our eyewitness) said that the squirrel did consider an attempt to get back in the apartment once he was released... I'm thinkin' he was all about my damn-tasty homemade trail mix.[1]

Total squirrel damage report (stuff that needs to be replaced thanks to the squirrel/knapp cohabitation):

What I asked the apartment complex for in exchange for my annoyed-ness:


[1]Jill's Quick and E-Zee Trail Mix o' Love
1) Go to Trader Joe's
2) Buy a package of their semi-sweet chocolate chips
3) Buy a package of their baker's cut candied ginger
4) Buy a package of their raw unsalted almonds (not the ones that were recalled, yo.)
5) Chuck this all in a ziploc bag
6) Do the shooka-shooka dance
7) Feed squirrels and radiologists

I didn't say it was creative-- I just said it was tasty.

Tonight's agenda: Clean tub of squirrel bits, then soak jill-bits.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: Passionate, False and Passionate. (He curled up entirely, flipped over, and then curled up again.)   No idea.