06/07/04: Jerminal Emulator

I've just gotta publicly proclaim that I am so lucky to have Jeremy in my little life.

Many people can't wrap their skulls around our friendship. It's like jazz, yo. (If ya gotta ask, you'll never know.)

Jeremy can set my head straight when nothing or no one else can. He knows intuitively what I need even though he knows I will never ask. There is no detail of my existence that I have to hide or protect from him. He gives me time to find my point and my rhythm. He tells me stuff straight up with no fluff, but will be gentle in his delivery during those times when I'm a little more girlie than usual. He embraces my quirks and isn't afraid to call me a moron when I have it coming. He forgives me for those rare occasions when I let him down. He knows when to look at me, and he knows when not to. He gives me the tools I need to think things through on my own. He is patient, even when he's on a schedule. He makes me feel necessary and important without making me feel drowned or glommed.

He supports me, he directs me, and he doesn't get offended if I don't heed his advice. He makes me laugh and he loans me obscure electronic equipment for years at a clip. He treats me like an equal, and he's great for a hug and a noogie and a random cup of vanilla iced chai tea latte.

He chased the mystery cloud away when I couldn't do it myself.

Such friends are rare gems. I am blessed.

Thanks, Mosk. :-)