06/08/04: Let the lollygagging begin

Had a great meeting with my Accenture boss today.

He bought lunch at Kid Shelleen's, an establishment which I can describe only as "perfectly serviceable in every way for lunch." However, sitting outside on a perfect day like today with just the right amount of sun hitting me while I ate these AMAZING asian chicken faux-thai lettuce wraps, it was downright delightful. Besides that, my boss, as a human being goes, is a good egg and fun to yap with about what makes good guacamole, house remodeling, cgi scripting and such.

Anyway, here's the conversation lowdown (which is also the latest craze in country line dancing):

I can't wait!

In other news, tomorrow morning people from the Cathedral St. John's Next to New Thrift Shop are coming over to whisk away John's couches and various kitchen equipment, as well as about 20 bags of clothes and kitchen stuff from me, too. It'll feel soooo good to dump all that stuff, knowing that it's going towards a good cause. On Thursday day I have a hot date myself with the Resale Shoppe on Philly Pike to consign my nicer clothes; they said they wanted them all to be freshly dry-cleaned before I drop them off. Uh, let's try freshly Febrezed, methinks. ;-)

Lastly, we've got dinner reservations tomorrow night at Moro to celebrate John getting through his big scary Radiology oral boards which he's taking between 7-10am on 6/9 (send good vibes).     Anyone ever been to Moro? Does it rock?

What else... tonight I spent the evening cruising Roadside America trying to find quirky screwy things to see while roadtripping. Some enticing places (which I need to research a little more to make sure they're actually en route):

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish today tells me that I am: A Dead One.   Ha, sucker hardly moved. Must sleep.:-)