06/11/04: WDL connection

Tonight was the preview night for Honk!, which is Wilmington Drama League's latest musical endeavor. The show was very cool, and I was very proud of everyone. Normally preview nights are slightly less inspired performances because the cast is exhausted from a long tech week, plus it's oftentimes the first shott he crew has to run everything knowing they can't stop for any reason. However, this show came off without a hitch, the cast was full of energy, the crew did a great job, and everyone was clearly rehearsed and directed by a wonderfully talented staff. I admit, I was a little jealous that I wasn't involved somehow. :-)

After the show, I got to hang out with mah peepz at Stanley's for some drinkies and grease. Anyhoozle, I haven't hung out with these folks in a while, but it did feel good just to BS about nothing for a few hours. We asked: How much would someone have to pay you to doink Tim Qualls; and how much extra would they have to pay you to doink Tim Qualls during a live broadcast of the Tim Qualls Show? Robleto said that the private doink would be worth $20K to him, but the on-air doink would be in the millions, only because you could always deny the private doink... but there ain't no denyin' what's on ye olde betamax.

Matt-o-Blatt said he'd do him for "twenty bucks and a teeth cleaning." I love my friends. :-)

Yapped with Turnizzle for a good 2 hours post-jaunt which has neither clarified nor cloudified (?) anything. Seems every time we try to sort things out we just rehash the same old stuff which yields no conclusions; though somehow it does feel a little better just talking things through.

He told me to have a safe trip and I smiled as he left my car... aaaaand then I exploded into tears out of frikkin' nowhere on the drive home. I have no idea what brought that on... though there was an amazing instrumental acoustic guitar thing on XPN when the heavens simultaneously opened up and dumped eleventy-billion acrefeet of water per second onto Marsh Road, so that surely contributed. I'm thinking it's just a general release and not directed at or caused by anything specific. I have been a little stressy lately with no good way to get rid of it, so it only makes sense, yo.

Perhaps I will book myself a massage for tomorrow afternoon.

On these rare occasions when random emotional anomalies occur, I just chalk it up to a General Protection Fault of some kind; nothing that a reboot won't fix.

So... off to reboot. It's only 4:30am.