06/17/04: And they're off!

Hi, all! Sorry I've been quiet here; was in San Francisco this past weekend and am leaving for the road trip within the hour. So hard to believe this is really wrapping up, ya know?

The trip to San Fran was very cool; John found a rockin' apartment which is close to the bus line and fun shops, amazing restaurants and good non-chain coffee. He's gonna do great out there. We spent the free time we had exploring the city, meeting some of his friends (Tsutomu and Julia, and later on Soren), going to a par-tay, eating amazing food, hanging out in Golden Gate Park, yadda yadda. It's a real fun place, though the topography in that part of the country just confuses me.

Got laid off yesterday and it was a totally delightful experience in every way. I hope every job can end with me getting laid off. Severance package is a nice thing, and it feels good to know I am obligation-free until the new job at InfoSystems starts. Now I can just enjoy this roadtrip and do what I gotta do to keep on mah game, as it were. Steady as she goes, yo.

Anyhoo, my plan is to post updates and pictures each night, but of course the best intentions don't always come to fruition, so don't hold me to it. We'll be staying with friends on some nights and in hotels on most others, so we'll be at the mercy of the internet connections at those places.

It's coming up on 6:30pm now, and I figure we'll shove out around 7:00ish, probably stopping in Virgina tonight. Neither of us are working on much sleep, so we don't want to be stupid about it.

SMS messages to my respective phone is encouraged... for me, it's my cell number @vtext.com-- please make sure you keep the message under 150 characters, which includes whatever you type in the subject line.

For a very basic outline of where we'll be when, check out my calendar (click on "Calendar" on the navigation bar to the left there).

Love you guys... please feel free to rob my house. ;-)

See you at Knappuccino's!