06-23-05: everything in its place

Earlier ths week I jumped back on my iron supplements and it's incredible how much more energy I have. I guess that oxygen stuff is important after all. Who knew?   So right now it's 1:37am.  I am not sleepy.  What is this strange energy I have?  I'm in the zone.

All day long at work I was fantasizing about coming home tonight and being domestic.  I had to work late (surprise surprise), so after I got out I was really raring to go.  I swung by the store, picked up some really good lookin' fruit and made my second giant killah fruit salad this week: primarily pineapples and a downright ludicrous amount of fresh ginger root, and significantly less of strawberries, blackberries and mangoes. It is magic.

After the fruit salad was done, I took out a slab o' cow from the freezer and put it in the fridge; tomorrow night I'll slow-cook it up so I can have it for lunch next week.  I need meat.  Rargh!

Jerm was telling me about a recent spring-cleaning-fest he did at his place with the excellent assistance of ButlerJon, and I got inspired to put everything in its place as opposed to arranging things in ever-growing towers of randomly stacked krap.  I threw out a ton of stuff, I went through every little nook and cranny and junk drawer and basket and just started tossing stuff out or putting into the Bag Destined for Shredding.  My apartment is severely lacking in storage space, so I played some serious apartment tetris to find creative ways to hide/store things.   I feel pretty darn accomplished.

By midnight I had three lawn-and-leaf bags full of stuff for the dumpster, so I made the journey and tossed it all (trust me, none of this stuff was Goodwill-able or give-away-able).  I put my recycling and drycleaning in my car so I can drop it off tomorrow at lunchtime without having to stop home first. 

I haven't seriously started on my office or my bedroom yet though-- I did a quick trash can consolidation and a speedy bathroom cleanout, but there's so much more to do.  I'm gonna give myself 30 minutes to put my clothes away and put new sheets on the bed and then call it a night.

In other news entirely...

I've never been one of those people who sees clothes and squeals with a girlie "ohmygod, I've *got* to have that!" but today I stumbled upon a foofy boutique called Claire's, on Philly Pike.  I've driven by this place every day for the last 5 years and today I went in for no good reason.  Ohmygod, there are two things in there that I simply must own.  One is this elegant, but super-funky silk pantsuit thing that is around $8912634986219384698126498126981426, and the other one is this wispy, etherial sky-blue dress that I would have no reason on this earth to ever wear, but holy crap if it isn't the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I tried it on which was a huge mistake, because it looked really sweeet and it just made me want it even more.... it costs 812736 times as much as the pantsuit.  I also tried on this black 40's-ish dress with yellow polka-dots, and again, such a cute thing I really could have fallen over... and on the mega-sale rack and was actually pretty reasonable.  Didn't buy anything, though... though I seriously would have considered the pantsuit if they had it in my size.  When did I become such a girl?

I have a bunch of other stuff to mention, but I'm exhausted (it's now 2:30am), so here's a quick listo:

  • On a whim, ButlerJon and I went to Atlantic City to watch the big ol' moonrise over the ocean. It was awesome. I'll post about it soon, I just haven't had a chance to compile the pictures yet.
  • I've been asked to sing in the WDL benefit concert this year, which rocks socks. It's not the usual benefit concert-- apparently Wilmington Trust gives a lot of money to WDL every year, so in return WDL is throwing some kind of private soirée for them in appreciation. Very flattering.
  • I'm flying out to Los Angeles next week to sing with The Industrial Jazz Group. Will be great to catch up with my California peeps, some of whom I haven't seen in years.... heck, I haven't seen Glenn Rottmann since 1988!
  • Speaking of California peeps, John is flying out to Delaware this weekend to do some recon. New Hope, I'm thinking.
  • The Knappuccino's show was unbelievable. I posted about it in my LiveJournal-- I'm too lazy to retype it, so here's a link to the post. It's a public post, so go looky.
  • Steve We will be heading back to Iowa for a small jaunt, so we will have another riotous installment of STEVE WEATHERMAN: IOWA BOY.
  • Jeff and Debbie are gonna be out east in July, and we're trying to synchronize swatches so we can do the meetup thang. I (heart) them!
  • I have tried 43 times to get my hair cut this week, and I have failed every time. It must happen.
  • I forgot to give my shrink 48 hours cancellation notice, so I have to see her on Friday. Crap, I didn't want to spend that $120, really. I've got a fun weekend and some California action to pay for.
  • My ISI boss called me to tell me that my bonus should be appearing very soon, as soon as he crunches the numbers in the P&L report and the budget breakdown I gave him. My bonus is based on profit and customer satisfaction... I know he called Evil Bank CTO Woman and she gushed love and madd propz to The Jill, so that rocks. I don't think anyone can question the success of the project. So frikkin' pay me already. And it better be prorated, or I'll be whipping out Hissy Jill.
  • We're doing The Wall in Middletown on September 30th and October 1st, and we're trying to book it at Twelve Miles West in NJ, too. Yay!
  • DUDE! Remind me to tell you about Las Vegas! I can't type it here, as Joe asked me to keep it under wraps.

    Anyhoo, tomorrow is free bagel day at work, so I guess I should go get crackin' so I can get to bed so I can wake up early for bagels.  (Work doesn't get me out of bed, but carbs do.)