06/26/04: Home

Much to update, however, I'm lacking the time, energy and tools to do so. I'm soooooooooo tired, good heavens.

Realized I left Jeremy's memory card reader in the roadtripmobile which is now in Phoenix or possibly at some point westward, so no hope of pulling the pictures off the Mosko-digicam any time soon. This is a Bad Thing, since I use this camera for Knappuccino's as well, and will need to update the Knappuccino's website with the show photos tomorrow. Argh.

Maybe I'll just buy another card reader... how expensive could they be?

I do want to get started on posting the roadtrip travelogue soon before I forget the details and goodness.

In other news... while in the Phoenix airport, I remembered that I didn't have a ride anymore from the Philly airport to my apartment, so I called Delaware Express Shuttle. Alas, they were booked up-- that's what I get for not planning, eh. I was SMS-ing Chris Turner and he offered to come get me, and no matter how many times I told him no and that I could easily grab a cab, he wanted to do the chauffeur thang. I was very thankful (not only for the $80 I saved), and was very glad that he was the first thing I saw upon my landing. The guy deserves some kind of medal, picking me up from the airport at 5:45am in my cloudy state, especially considering his own position. He dropped me off at Casa de Knappo where snoozing happened until about 10:30am before he jetted home to get ready for a trip to AC with some friends tonight.

It feels very good to be back, which isn't to say it didn't feel very good to be on the road, because it was a righteous time.

Cue the end of "A Day in the Life" yet again.

OK... Lack of sleep and general cloudiness are making for some uninspired typing, so I'm gonna get in another 2 hours of sleepage before I have to start thinking about Knappuccino's preparations.

So yeah: coffeehouse tonight, going to see Jesus Hopped the A-Train in Philly tomorrow with a "surprise event" of some flava post-show. Next week, perhaps some decompression at my folks' place, boating with Dad, gin rummy with mom and Dell, taking the kids to the park for some kite-flying, and just getting myself back.

Then, a mini-road trip from 7/8 - 7/11 with Rob to hit The Cosmos and some tri-points. (Saw a lot of Rob while in Phoenix which was beyond cool. So glad there's no weirdness and just good good goodness.)

I'm wondering if after this summer I will ever want to get in a car again. Good thing I can bike to the new job. ;-)

It'll be nice to get back in shape.